Microsoft is Gearing up to Deliver the iPhone Killer: A Rumored Surface Phone Could be Coming in 2016

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Microsoft Surface Phone concept design by Jonas Daehnert

If there is one thing we know Microsoft hasn’t done well in the last decade, it is mobile. As Apple, Samsung, and others rose to dominate the global mobile ecosystem Microsoft failed to notice change when it was most obvious and embrace it when it was most needed.

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Microsoft’s late arrival in the mobile space has led to many analysts criticizing them and spelling their doom over the years. However, the company woke up to the idea that mobile was the way forward and smartphones and Tablets are the technological products of the decade. Even though some may not be impressed by Microsoft’s late arrival on the mobile scene nobody can deny that Microsoft’s increased involvement in this space can only help.

In the last year or so Microsoft seems to have got its mojo back, or so the mainstream tech media would have us believe. Be it a change in top leadership, the launch of the Surface segment of devices, Azure and the progress in the cloud sphere, or the progress in the company’s whole new virtual and augmented reality efforts, Microsoft has certainly left a mark in 2015.

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The recently launched Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Tablet is testament to the company’s focus on building high quality hardware and the coming of age of Windows OS with the introduction of the Windows 10 says a lot about Microsoft’s continued ability to build system software that has large scale appeal and adoption rates built right into the Microsoft ecosystem. All of this said there is still something that is missing from the Microsoft picture – a high quality Microsoft Windows smartphone.


The recently launched Microsoft Lumia 950 and Lumia 50 XL are great phones considering they are the first generation of Windows 10 powered devices and the first to showcase the power of the Windows Continuum. But these are not iPhone killers that some Microsoft fans have been waiting for, and I say some because there really are very few Microsoft mobile fans.

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Here is some food for thought. I agree that Microsoft were late to the mobile party and that Microsoft made some terrible decision when they actually decided to enter this space but things are changing. Windows RT might have been arguably the worst mobile OS ever but things are changing. The initial Surface Tablets might have run into the Megadeth of Tablet computing at the time – the Apple iPad – but things are changing.

Despite their late arrival Microsoft have shown that under the new leadership of Satya Nadella and a transformed Microsoft SLT (Senior Leadership Team) the company is not only willing to innovate but is eager to innovate and capable of quality innovation. The HoloLens, Microsoft Surface Pro 3 and Surface Pro 4, are just a few examples of how innovative the company has been in the last few years. Surely they couldn’t have come up with all this new found zeal overnight, they have been quietly working on these products and others, such as the upcoming Xbox 2 and quite possibly a Microsoft Surface Phone.

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Yes, you read that right. Microsoft may very well be in the process of building a Surface Phone. While this is still part of the rumor mill, this time the rumor has been sparked by none other than a C-Level Microsoft employee. Microsoft’s Chief Marketing Officer, Chris Capossela has dropped clear hints that Microsoft is working on a brand new mobile device.

In a chat with Windows Weekly last week, Chris Capossela said the following:

“(To move customers from an iPhone to a Microsoft phone) we need more breakthrough hardware work, we need more breakthrough experiences.. We need some sort of spiritual equivalent on the phone side (equivalent to the Surface Tablets experience)… and that’s got to make me pause before I buy my 17th iPhone..”

While being sarcastic in his remarks Mr. Capossela was very forthright in admitting that in order to move the iPhone crazy crowd to a Microsoft Surface based phone the company needs to step up its game and produce phones that fit nicely in the Microsoft Windows OS ecosystem.


While Mr. Capossela didn’t give away any time frames in which we should expect the new Surface Phone or a Surface like phone, we can safely assume that given Microsoft’s Continuum initiative and Windows 10 OS progress, as seen in the Lumia 950 experience, Microsoft would want to introduce the only missing piece of the Laptop-Tablet-Phone-experience puzzle as soon as possible. The Apple iPhone 7 is expected in the second half of 2016 so Microsoft might want to introduce their new device right around that time, or may be a little after that.

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One thing is for sure that by this time next year you would have either seen the Surface Phone or heard about its imminent launch. Here’s to more innovation from Microsoft!

Check out this official video released earlier this year showcasing the Microsoft Windows Continuum. The video comes from the official Windows channel.

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