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Televisions Price List in India 2023

Television Price Lists: By Brand

Television Price Lists: By Price Range

Smart and LED TV for all

Television is the most popular as well as essential home appliance. Since from its invention, Television is the best entertainment partner for a large number of entertainment lovers. In today's busy life style, Television not only entertains but it also keeps everyone connected to the world.  The Technology is changing day by day similarly the Types of Televisions and the Features of Televisions are also changing. Earlier there were only Black & White TV with the CRT but now there are several types of Television available in the market. All these types of TV's are categorized according to Brand Name, Display Screen Type, Display Screen Size and various more features. The text below is to tell you all about Televisions and their features.

Various Types of Televisions Available in the Market:

There are several types of Televisions available in the market. The wide range of various types of Televisions includes Black & White Television, Color Television, Flat Screen Television, Plasma Television, LED Television (Backlit LED TV and Edge-lit LED TV), LCD Television, QLED Television, SUHD Television, Super UHD Television, Triluminos Television, Wireless TV (with Chargeable Battery), HDR Television, Quantum Dots Television, UHD Alliance Premium Certified Television, 4K Ultra HD Television, Direct View Television, Digital Light Processing Television, Smart Television, Curved Screen Television, 3D Television and many more like these.

Features of a Television:

Features of various types of Televisions are Body Material, Connectivity Options (Analog Ports, HDMI Port, USB Port, SD Card Slot, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth etc), Contrast Ratio (Television’s Capacity to Display Bright & Dark Pictures at the Same Time), Display Screen Size, Display Screen Type, Display Technology, Durability & Lifespan, Fast Motion Handling, HEVC Decoding, Motion Rate, Picture Quality, Power Consumption, Price, Refresh Rate, Remote Controls, Screen Resolution, Warranty, Weight, Supporting Accessories (Audio Enhancement etc) and many more. Apart from these features there are various more brand specific features that make a Television different than the other.

Various Top Televisions Brands Available in the Market:

There are several television brands available in the market but when it’s about amazing quality then there are only a few brands on which one can rely. The top television brands available in the market are LG, Sony, Samsung, Sansui, Panasonic, Toshiba, Philips, Sharp, Vizio, Mitsubishi, Hisense, Sanyo, Hitachi, TCL, Micromax etc. All these brands are very reliable and offer several types of TVs with different-different functions which allows the buyer to get a perfect product of his/her need.