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Lloyd LED TV Price List in India

as on 15th May 2021
Updated On: 15th May 2021
Latest Lloyd LED TV Price List in India. You will find here Lloyd TV Price of all models updated on 15th May 2021. Currently we have 1 models of Lloyd Televisions available for sale in India which starts from Rs. 41,899 for Lloyd L49FN2S LED TV which goes up to Rs. 41,899 for Lloyd L49FN2S LED TV. Get Best Deals on Lloyd LED TV and always compare price before you buy. Check complete details on specifications, features, Video, Audio quality, Screen Size & Resolution of Lloyd LED TVs.
Lloyd Televisions Help You Live the Future

The quality that you've seen in the 58 years of experience that is in every Lloyd air conditioner is the same quality that you will see in Lloyd televisions. This organization is a $500 million group that is publicly traded. With their televisions, you'll be able to bring home the magic of the cinema in an affordable, yet still profound way.

As you will see from this Lloyd TV price list, you won't have to spend a lot to have a modern LED TV in your home. The only question you have to answer is this: what size of television do you want to purchase today?

Lloyd Makes LED TVs Up to 84” In Size

One of the most exciting innovations in the television industry is Ultra HD. The picture value on UHD TVs from Lloyd is crisp and pure, making it seem like you're actually there in person. Lloyd offers a 50” and an 84” model of UHD that also have a wide variety of features and peripherals for you to enjoy.

You will have Smart TV options so that you can access your favorite online streaming apps directly from the television with your home's Wi-Fi connection. Lloyd has also included 3 USB ports to help you decode video and image formats for greater versatility. Down firing speakers help to provide quality sounds and 4 HDMI ports will let you connect your computer, laptop, tablet, or favorite mobile device so that it display on the television.

Lloyd LED TVs also offer 3D picture technology that brings the magic of modern film-making directly into your home. Images pop out when wearing 3D glasses with your television so that the only thing you need is your favorite snack when it time to watch something on TV.

Lloyd Also Makes Price Conscious TV Models

If you're looking to save some money, yet you still need a new television, then there are smaller options that may be perfect for your budget. Going down to 19 inches in size, a Lloyd television can even become the best computer monitor for your desktop PC. These smaller televisions still offer a Certified a Grade Panel, USB ports, and a dynamic contrast ration that will make the viewing experience vibrant and profound.

With modern TV technology, it is important to know what version of HD and what the refresh rate of the television happens to be. Lower refresh rates make fast moving pictures blur on a TV, so if you love live sports, you'll want a 120 Hz Lloyd television. Picture quality comes in 720p or 1080p for most models, but both are considered HD. True HD comes at the 1080p level.

If you're looking for a great television at a great price, then trust the name that has been relied about for 6 decades in homes already for air conditioners and appliances. A Lloyd television brings a high value TV to your home for a very affordable price.

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Lloyd L49FN2S LED TV Television

Lloyd L49FN2S LED TV

Full HD, Smart TV, LED TV
49 Inch Screen
Size - 1106 mm x 646 mm x 87 mm
Rs. 41,899/-
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Lloyd LED TV Price List in India 2021

Lloyd LED TV Model Name Price
Lloyd L49FN2S LED TV Rs. 41,899/-