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Dell Laptop Price List in India

as on 18th May 2022
Updated On: 18th May 2022
Dell Laptops Provide Power and Versatility
Dell laptops have a reputation for affordability and quality that is beyond compare. Designed with you in mind, they have the ability to stream music and video online, give you tools to get your work done quickly and effectively while traveling, and let you stay in touch with the world at large. Wide a wide variety of colors and styles available to compare and contrast right now, there is a Dell laptop that will meet all of your computing needs for a price that is still budget-friendly.
Why Choose a Dell Laptop?
It's the commitment to quality across all of their platforms that sets Dell apart. You can have the confidence in knowing that whether your computer is an entry level unit or something that is brand new and top of the line, you'll be receiving a quality laptop that will last for years to come!
It all begins with Dell's commitment to delivering quality processing speeds and components to each operating board. Dell computers utilize 3rd Generation Ci3 processors at minimum from Intel and are based on the Windows 8 operating system, although Linux and Ubuntu O/S options are available as well. Unlike other laptops, you won't need to worry about your laptop overheating the processor just because you've been using your computer all day! Later models utilize the 4th Generation Ci5 or Ci7 processors from Intel as well for even more computing speed!
You'll also find that you get a superior level of DDR3 memory with a Dell laptop. Most Dell computers come with 4GB standard, although some entry level models have 2GB of RAM. Your HDD space is plentiful, with 500GB minimum and many laptops giving you 1TB of space! Sizes go up to 17 inches and all of these laptops have the proven durability that is backed by the Dell reputation.
Gaming, Working, Movies – Dell Gets the Job Done!
The added benefit of a Dell laptop is that you can quickly upgrade the laptop to meet your needs as well. Processing speeds have turbo boost technology added to them that will give you up to 3 GHz or more in many instances. You can quickly swap out your DDR3 for higher levels of memory if needed as well. Most come with a DVD RW drive so you can run your own discs, save information to blanks if you need, and it's all so that you can stay organized. 
Many Dell laptops come with a web camera so you can utilize video communications and graphics memory capacity exceeds 1GB on many models. Battery power works for a minimum of 3 hours and you'll have the high speed USB 3.0 slots to utilize for high-speed data transfers. HDMI ports, mutli-card slots, and built-in wireless are all part of the standard bundle as well!
If you're ready to improve your computing needs for home or for work, then compare and contrast the best Dell laptops today! You will find that Dell laptops have the power to meet all of your needs for a very affordable price.
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Dell Inspiron 13-5370 (8550U) Laptop (8th Gen Ci7/ 8GB/ 256GB SSD/ Win 10/ 2GB Graph) Laptop

Dell Inspiron 13-5370 (8550U) Laptop (8th Gen Ci7/ 8GB/ 256GB SSD/ Win 10/ 2GB Graph)

Core i7 (8th Gen) Processor
13 inch Screen
Windows 10 Home OS
1.4 kg Weight
Rs. 78,999/-
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Dell Laptop Price List in India 2022

Dell Laptop Model Name Price
Dell Inspiron 13-5370 (8550U) Laptop (8th Gen Ci7/ 8GB/ 256GB SSD/ Win 10/ 2GB Graph) Rs. 78,999/-