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Usha OFR 3211F Oil Filled Radiator Room Heater Room Heater

Usha OFR 3211F Oil Filled Radiator Room Heater

Rs. 12,999/-
Crompton CG-EH2 Fan Room Heater Room Heater

Crompton CG-EH2 Fan Room Heater

Rs. 2,300/-
Types of electric room heaters and which one your should buy

Room Heaters are very useful when ever heat is needed in a small space or room. Room Heaters are small in size thus these are portable. Normally Room Heaters use Gas or Electricity as the power source to generate the heat. Room Heaters are very useful because of their portability but these are expensive. The Power Consumption of Room Heaters is more than the Central Heating System because a Room Heater uses a lot of Electricity or Gas to heat up the space quickly. Room Heaters are the Secondary or Alternate or Supplementary Appliance to provide heat. All about the Room Heaters is given in the following text.

Various Types of Room Heaters Available in the Market:

·         Convector Room Heater: These are very useful for heating a room for few hours. These types of Heaters take time to work but the good thing is that these Heaters can be easily controlled by a Timer and Thermostat. Types of Convector Heaters are Gas, Electric and Oil Filled Radiators. These Heaters produces heat throughout the whole room.

·         Radiant or Fan Heater: If you want Focused & Directed heating then you should buy a Radiant or Fan Heater. These Heaters produce heat in a part of room for a short time span, these heaters don't achieve even heat distribution level throughout the room.

There are many more sub-types of Room Heaters like Bottled Gas Fires, Carbon Room Heater, Electric Bar Fires, Electric Room Heaters, Halogen Heaters, Infrared Room Heater, Open Gas Fires, Quartz Room Heater, Radiant Bar Fires, and Warm Air Heaters etc. Among all these types of Room Heaters, the Bar Fires & Fan Heaters are the most expensive while the Halogen Heaters & Oil-filled Heaters are the cheapest.

Various Features of a Room Heater:

The basic function of a Room Heater is the Power Source (Electricity or Gas). Apart from this the Room Heaters have more features such as Fan Speed Adjustment, Auto Revolving Feature, Heat Level Adjustment, Remote Control, Automatic Turn Off and many more Product & Brand Specific Features.

Various Room Heater Brands Available in the Market:

There are several types of Room Heaters and Room Heater Brands available in the market. The best Room Heater Brands are Bajaj, Crompton, Glen, Marc, Nova, Orient etc. All these brands are very reliable thus one can easily rely on these brands while going to buy a Room Heater.