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Agaro Personal Care Products Price List in India

as on 5th July 2020
Updated On: 5th July 2020
Agaro: Coming with variety of personal care products at competitive prices

Agaro is a specialized manufacturer of wide range of personal care items that include grooming kits, clippers, trimmers, shavers, hair dryers and others. All these equipments have been bestowed with varying specs and features. Customers can purchase them from various online stores at prices ranging from Rs 400 to Rs 2000.

So what does the company pack with its personal care stuffs?  

The company is offering electrically drive hair dryers for both men and women in different series. These hair dryers are normally packed with features like cold air mode, honeycomb air inlet, salon style, concentrator, foldable smart handle and others for providing fastest hair drying solution to the customers. These machines take absolute care of the organic hair and allow buyers to obtain the favorite hairstyle patterns of their choice. Exclusively, for women customers, the company has brought out hair dryer belonging to the range of Agaro HD 5424. Most of these dryer devices consume around 1200 Watt of electricity and normally generate at 220 to 240 volt of power.

 For offering smooth shaving experience, the firm has brought out battery driven shaver machines for different budget segments. These devices sport a self sharpening head with 2 rotary head. These shaving devices take good care of the facial skin and the blade limits cuts or bruises during shaving. The most notable product in this segment includes Agaro DS 581 Shaver brand. Shavers belonging to this brand are cordless and can effectively remove beards and overgrown hair from the face. For smart hair trimming experience, the firm has launched electrical trimmers that come with sharp cushioned blade to trim the hair of beard and moustache in stylish pattern.

For whom does the personal care product of Agaro for?

People often fail to make a suitable choice when it comes to buying personal care items of any brand. The market of personal care products is fast expanding due to the entry of latest brands. People, who want to enjoy comfortableshaving experience, can buy the electric shavers of Agaro. Similarly, if they are looking for trimmers to set the style of beard and moustache then they can rely on the performance of the trimmer items of Agaro as well. Ultimately, on the basis of their requirements and comparing the existing specs and features they have to buy the suitable personal care items.

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Agaro HS 7512 Hair Straightener Personal Care Products

Agaro HS 7512 Hair Straightener

Hair Straighteners
Ideal for Women
Rs. 1,500/-
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Agaro HD 1150 Hair Dryer Personal Care Products

Agaro HD 1150 Hair Dryer

Hair Dryers
Ideal for Men and Women
Rs. 1,898/-
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Agaro Personal Care Product Price List in India 2020

Agaro Personal Care Product Model Name Price
Agaro HS 7512 Hair Straightener Rs. 1,500/-
Agaro HD 1150 Hair Dryer Rs. 1,898/-