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Personal Care Products Price List in India 2023

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Personal Care Products – to make you stylish

Personal Care products are used for Personal Grooming so that one can easily remove the unwanted hairs and make his / her skin smooth as well as beautiful. There are various types of Personal Care Products available in the market. Some of these products are described in the following sections.

Various Personal Care Products Available in the Market:

·         Epilators: An Epilator is a device which is used to Remove Hair. It works mechanically and pulls the hairs out to remove them. There are various types of Epilators such as Spring, Rotating Disc, Tweezer and Wet Use are available in the market.

·         Hair Curlers: Hair Curlers as the name implies are used to Curl the hairs. It uses a Roller or Roller Iron to curl the hairs. There are two types of hair curlers, first is the Hair Roller and the second is the Hair Roller Iron.

·         Hair Straightness : A Hair Straightener or a Hair Straightening Iron is a kind of device which is used to straighten the Hairs. It breaks down the Hydrogen Positive Bonds to Straighten the Hairs.

·         Hair Dryers: A Hair Dryer is also called a Blow Dryer. It is an electromechanical device which dries the hairs by hot air. Attachments which can be used with Hair Dryers are Airflow Concentrators, Comb Nozzles and Diffusers. The two types of Hair Dryers available in the market are Handheld and Rigid-hood.

·         Hair Stylers : Hair Stylers are a combination of Hair Dryes, Hair Curlers and Hair Straighteners.

·         Shavers : Shavers are also called Electric Razor, Dry Razor or Electric Shaver. It has either a Rotating or a Oscillating blade which cuts or shaves the hairs. There is no need of Cream, Soap or Water while shaving by an Electric Shaver. The Shavers are powered with a Batter, a Rechargeable Battery or Electricity.

·         Trimmers : Hair Trimmers are also called Hair Clippers. These are used to cut human hairs (not to shave them as razors). There are two types of Trimmers, first is the Manual Trimmer and second is the Electric Trimmer (Battery Powered or Rechargeable Battery Powered or Electricity Powered). Electric Trimmers uses various types of blades and combs, the types of blades used with an Electric Trimmer are Fine Cutting Blades (Zero Blades), Medium Coarse Cutting Blades, Full Coarse Cutting Blades and Longer Cutting Blades. The blades of an Electric Trimmer can be made of Stainless Steel or Ceramic.

Various Personal Care Product Brands Available in the Market :

There are several Personal Care Product Brands such as Braun, Brite, Citron, ETI Italy, Inalsa, Morphy Richards, Nova, Panasonic, Philips, Remington, Vega, Vidal Sassoon, Wahl, Westinghouse etc are available in the market.