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Televisions Price List in India

as on 19th November 2018
Updated On: 19th November 2018
Perfect Television Selection Guide

Televisions are the best entertainment partner in every home since a long time. There are various types of Televisions available in the market according to screen type, screen size, brand and many more features. All these types of televisions make it a bit difficult for everyone to choose the perfect televisions for his/her place. Although many people think that buying a television is very simple but once they buy a Television then after some time they think that the television may had this feature or included that function thus you should go through the following text to know about how to buy a perfect television without disturbing the budget.

Things to Do Before Going to Buy A TV :

Before you are going to buy a new Television, you should do some works such as deciding the place where you will place the Television, what will be your budget, what will be the viewing distance for your TV (so that pictures not blur and your eyes won’t get harmed), either you will place the TV on a Table or in a Cabinet or Hung it to the wall etc. You really need to remember all these things while buying a TV as this information will make it easier for you to decide the Screen Size, Weight and TV Type according to your need and budget.

How to Select the Perfect Television for Your Place ?

·         Which Type of Television You Need : The first thing to decide is that which type of television you want to buy? There are various types of Television available in the market from several brands so you can choose from products such as Flat Screen TV, Plasma TV, LED TV, LCD TV, QLED TV, SUHD TV, Super UHD TV, Triluminos TV, HDR TV, Quantum Dots TV, UHD Alliance Premium Certified TV, 4K Ultra HD TV, Smart TV, Curved Screen TV, 3D TV etc.

·         Select the Contrast Ratio :Contrast Ratio is the measure which describes Television’s capability to display Bright as well as Dark Pictures at a same time. Contrast Ratio is directly proportional to the Picture Quality (higher contrast ratio means better picture quality). In general, the Plasma TV (the starting contrast ratio of most of the Plasma TVs is 1000 : 1) has best Contrast Ratio and then comes the Backlit LED TV and then Edge-lit LED TV and then LCD TV (the starting contrast ratio of most of the LCD TVs is 600 : 1). The Contrast Ratio of TVs can rise up to 10000 : 1. Apart from Contrast Ratio, many TVs have some additional features to provide extra ordinary picture quality thus you should also check these additional features while buying a TV.

·         Size Always Matters :Television size (measured diagonally) depends upon the room or hall where you want to place it as well as it directly depends upon the type of TV you choose and the budget you have. There are televisions available in many sizes. You should wisely choose the size as it will be very useful to have a big size TV as it will provide bigger pictures and definitely enhance the enjoyment of entertainment. You should also keep in mind that while selecting the Screen Size you also select the perfect combination of Audio Setup according to the TV. You can also use sound bars and speakers along with the TV to enjoy crystal clear sound quality.

·         Other Features to Check while Buying a Televisions : Apart from all these things described above there are several more features and things such as Screen Resolution, Weight, Connectivity Options (Analog Ports, HDMI Port, USB Port, SD Card Slot, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth etc), HEVC Decoding, Body Material, Price, Brand Reliability, Product's Warranty, Remote Controls, Fast Motion Handling, Power Consumption (LED TV needs around 40% less power than LCD TV while Plasma TV needs around 50% more power than LCD TV), TV's Durability & Lifespan (Plasma TV has shortest half-life of around 60000 hrs and LED TV has longest half-life of more than 100000 hrs while LCD TV has half-life of time span between Plasma & LED TVs), Refresh Rate (standard 60 Hz, a TV with high refresh rate is the best for them who use their TVs for advanced level of gaming), Motion Rate,  etc which you should check while buying a new Television.