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Pentax Cameras Price List in India

as on 4th June 2020
Updated On: 4th June 2020
Pentax Cameras
Despite being one of the oldest brands in the photography world, Pentax is still in a place where it has to struggle against the big Companies who manufactures of Canon Camera and Nikon Cameras to capture the sophisticated customers. Pentax was a company which was taken over by Ricoh and is a brand which is good as Nikon and Canon but is still on its way to capture the market share.
The Pentax cameras seem to be having a number of models which are competitive in price too.
Pentax Camera Features:
The features of Pentax Cameras are great. It includes a great ultra-zoom that is fast, a massive zoom range, and turns out impressive quality images to hold up the Pentax brand name. The presence of built-in GPS, articulated LCD, excellent print quality, and many movie options are present in some models combined with an upholding quite good battery life. Pentax cameras include even several waterproof models, and a couple of super zooms which make these cameras a hit. Its DSLR range contains plenty of innovative features. And some Pentax models are available in a range of lurid colours which offers attractiveness and differentiation from a normal black or silver camera. Pentax also offers the 645D, a 40 megapixel medium format SLR system.
Why choose Pentax cameras: 
There are a number of reasons which could be pointed out as to why you should choose a Pentax camera. Where some are been pointed out below.
History they hold
From the past, the Pentax cameras have been holding a good name and have being always near to the top of the list up to date. They had a superb screw mount camera and even their K-mount cameras were similarly great. 
The Pentax Limited Lenses
Pentax cameras feature a three idiosyncratically unique focal length prime lens. The unique lens is one of the most attractive features when it comes to the brand. 
Doesn’t imitate
Unlike other brands, Pentax has never come across the need to produce a me-too product. Instead they prefer to take their time and invent innovative technology and products by analysing future customer needs.
They come in all the colours 
People are creative and prefer colours today. Most of the times they don’t prefer to own an ordinary black or silver camera. Pentax cameras are introduced to the market in different colours which look cute, trendy and perfect in your hands. 
Want to buy a DSLR? Why not try out Pentax now for a change rather than dumping unwanted money for just a brand name? Try this product out once to see what it offers and how it is offering its value for the money you’ve paid.
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Pentax K5 II Body Camera

Pentax K5 II Body

DSLR Camera
16.3 Megapixel
3 Inch TFT LCD Display
4928 x 3264 (16 M), 3936 x 2624 (10 M), 3072 x 2048 (6 M), 1728 x 1152 (2 M) Image Size
Rs. 55,999/-
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Pentax Camera Price List in India 2020

Pentax Camera Model Name Price
Pentax K5 II Body Rs. 55,999/-