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Find - Air Purifier Price List in India 2023.

Popular Air Purifiers

Latest Air Purifiers

Sharp FP-F30E-H Air Purifier Air Purifier

Sharp FP-F30E-H Air Purifier

Rs. 17,000/-
Panasonic F-PXM35ASD Air Purifier Air Purifier

Panasonic F-PXM35ASD Air Purifier

Rs. 8,999/-
Panasonic F-PXM55AAD Air Purifier Air Purifier

Panasonic F-PXM55AAD Air Purifier

Rs. 14,256/-
Livpure SmartO2 580 Air Purifier Air Purifier

Livpure SmartO2 580 Air Purifier

Rs. 24,964/-
Crusaders XJ-2800 Air Purifier Air Purifier

Crusaders XJ-2800 Air Purifier

Rs. 10,000/-
Blueair Sense+ Air Purifier Air Purifier

Blueair Sense+ Air Purifier

Rs. 38,414/-
Find best air purifier for dust removal from your home

We all know that “Oxygen” is the most essential need to live and it is found in Air but if the Air is polluted then breathing can bring diseases too. There are several industries which are polluting the air and fresh air is almost vanished from the earth but an “Air Purifier or Air Cleaner” allows the users to breath in Fresh Air. An Air Purifier or Air Cleaner is a kind of device that removes the harmful elements present in air as well as it also removes the unwanted odors from the air so that one can easily breathe in Fresh and Healthy Air. Air Purifiers are very useful for everyone but these are the perfect partner for a person who is suffering from Allergy or Asthmatic Diseases. All about the Air Purifiers is described in the following text.

Various Types of Air Purifiers Available in the Market:

There are basically two types of Air Purifiers available in the market and the two types are Room Air Purifier and Car Air Purifier. According to the technology used to clean the Air, there are many more types of Air Purifiers such as Activated Carbon Air Purifiers, Air Ionizer, Air Sanitizer, Cold Catalyst Filter Air Purifiers, Dehumidifier, Electrostatic Precipitator Air Purifiers, High Efficiency Particulate Arrestance (HEPA) Air Purifiers, Humidifier, Immobilized Cell  Air Purifiers, Ozone Generator, Photo Catalyst Filter Air Purifiers, Photo Catalytic Oxidation (PCO) Air Purifiers, Photo Electrochemical Oxidation (PECO) Air Purifiers, Polarized Media Electronic Air Cleaners, Pre-Filter Air Purifiers, Thermodynamic Sterilization (TSS) Air Purifiers, Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) Air Purifiers, Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) Air Purifiers, UV Filter Air Purifiers etc.

Various Benefits of Air Purifiers:

Air Purifiers easily remove several Allergens such as Dust, Dust Mite Feces, Mold Spores, Pet Dander, Pollen etc. Apart from the Allergens, various other harmful components such as Bacteria, Carbon Di-oxide, DNA Damaging Elements, Smoke Particles, Virus, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and many more like these are also removed by Air Purifiers which gives you a Fresh and Healthy Environment at your place. Apart from these things, Air Purifiers also removes the odor from Air.

Various Air Purifier Brands Available in the Market:

There are several Air Purifier Brands available in market but when it's about the best quality products then the most popular as well as reliable Air Purifier Brands are Blue Star, Eureka Forbes, Havells, Hitachi, Intex, Kent, Livpure, Mi, Panasonic, Philips, Samsung, Sharp, Whirlpool etc.