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Datawind Tablet Price List in India

as on 28th October 2020
Updated On: 28th October 2020
Datawind Tablets

Datawind is an international provider of consumer electronics. While their initial focus was not actually on the electronics themselves, they have quickly grown into one of the world’s largest and most influential tech companies, with massive production and distribution channels. Their initial focus was to put technology in the hands of those who needed it the most—those who would have no other access to education and to self-improvement.

While those of us who have constant internet connectivity do not often think about what our lives would be like if we didn’t, there are billions of people who do not have access to the internet and all of the resources it can provide. Datawind seeks to empower as many individuals as possible by providing cheap technology solutions to those who need it most. One of the perks of purchasing a Datawind tablet is the ability to also help someone who is in desperate need of technology to obtain it.

Features of Datawind Tablets

While some brands only produce one or two different kinds of tablets, Datawind has taken it upon them to develop a huge variety of tablets to choose from. While all run a version of Android operating system, each has a different processor, display quality, screen size, and battery life. When picking a Datawind tablet, the first feature you should consider is screen size.

The larger the screen is, the more like a PC the tablet will be. The smaller it is, the more like a smartphone it will be. While technology companies do have the ability to cram quite a lot of memory and storage into a small space, larger devices have more capabilities, just because they have more room for components. While there is nothing wrong with smaller tablets—they are more portable and therefore many people find them more desirable—many also like the functionality of a larger tablet. Consider what you want to use your tablet for in order to help you pick a screen size.

Because other features of Datawind tablets are fairly comparable, the choice of which to purchase often comes down to screen size. All others have ample processors, memory, battery life, and internet connectivity for most users.

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Datawind UbiSlate 3G7 Tablet

Datawind UbiSlate 3G7

Android 4.0.4 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
1.2 GHz Cortex-A8 Processor
512 MB RAM
4 GB Internal Memory
TFT LCD Capacitive
2800 mAh Battery
Rs. 6,999/-
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Datawind Tablet Price List in India 2020

Datawind Tablet Model Name Price
Datawind UbiSlate 3G7 Rs. 6,999/-