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IFB Washing Machines Price List in India

as on 23rd April 2024
Updated On: 23rd April 2024
Discover IFB Washing Machines Today!
Creating some of the best washing machines in all of India, IFB washing machines come in a with a wide range of capacities and features so that any household can have their washing requirements met with ease. Set yourself free with clothes that make you look great by investing into a brand that seeks to create a better life every day in some way. With washing machines, the goal is to set people free by making chores easier. How could an IFB washing machine change your life today?
How Do You Benefit From an IFB Washing Machine?
The goal that IFB has set forth with the creation of every washing machine, whether it is one of their automatic top loading 6kg capacity washers or a top front loading model like the 7kg Elite SX that offers 100 different washing programs, is to create more freedom within every household. With a world moving at such a fast pace, IFB connects with people by allowing them to pursue the things that are really important in life.
Pioneering innovation is just the start of how these washing machines can change a household. It's more than just about having an appliance that provides a convenience. IFB believes that great functionality comes from having a good design and that can be seen in every appliance that they manufacture. With a 3D wash system available on some models, an air bubble wash system and auto imbalance control, your clothing will be cleaner than you can ever remember when you invest into an IFB appliance.
You Should Be Able to Indulge Your Passions
With IFB washing machines, you get the chance to indulge your passions more thanks to the fact that this appliance allows you to set yourself free. Take the Elena VX front loading machine, for example that offers 6kg of washing capacity with 15 different programs. It is 33% less than the premium models that are offered by IFB, yet offers the same auto imbalance sensing controls and protective mesh to make sure your appliance works to the best of its ability.
You can wash all of your clothing in these washing machines with confidence too. Your delicates, cottons, and other normal clothes – even synthetics – can all become clean once again to the many features that are included in the IFB line. The most exciting feature might just be the inbuilt anti-crease system that will reduce even more time from the chores that require your attention every day.
Whether you need the convenience of a great design or a washing machine to handle heavy loads of laundry every week, IFB has created an appliance for you. With 7-stage wash cycles, aqua spa features, and options to clean specific types of clothing, you can expect to cut back on water usage while still getting the cleanest clothes you've ever had!
Which IFB washing machine is right for you? Select a model to look at today, examine its unique features, and then contrast that appliance with other IFB models to find the perfect washing machine for your home. Don't you think it's time to set yourself free today?
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IFB TL70SDG Washing Machine


Fully Automatic
Top Loading
7 kg Capacity
8 Washing Program
Size - 570 x 590 x 950 mm
Rs. 23,490/-
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IFB Senorita WX Washing Machine

IFB Senorita WX

Fully Automatic
Front Loading
6.5 kg Capacity
12 Washing Program
Size - 675 x 880 x 570 mm
Rs. 32,190/-
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IFB Elite Aqua SX Washing Machine

IFB Elite Aqua SX

Fully Automatic
Front Loading
7 kg Capacity
100 Washing Program
Size - 598 x 875 x 606 mm
Rs. 33,990/-
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IFB Washing Machine FAQs

Does IFB Serena Aqua SX LDT Washing Machine dry clothes?
Yes, There is dedicated mode "Drain+Spin" for drying cloths washed outside.
Whats the Warranty details of IFB Serena Aqua SX LDT Washing Machine?
The company provides 4-year Warranty of IFB Serena Aqua SX LDT Washing Machine.
Do we need a stabilizer for ifb elena aqua sx 1000rpm front-loading washing machine (6 kg, silver)?
This washing machine has a motor and an electric coil to heat the water ... Both of these function proportional to voltage. So stabilizer not needed unless your house has extreme voltage fluctuations
What is the rpm level of IFB Serena Aqua SX LDT Washing Machine?
it's 1000rpm.
Does IFB MAXIDRY EX require 5A socket or 15A socket ?
It will require 16 A to 20 A power plug socket.

IFB Washing Machine Price List in India 2024

IFB Washing Machine Model Name Price
IFB TL70SDG Rs. 23,490/-
IFB Senorita WX Rs. 32,190/-
IFB Elite Aqua SX Rs. 33,990/-