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Voltas AC Price List in India

as on 25th July 2024
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Updated On: 25th July 2024
Voltas Air Conditioner
Voltas has been in business for over 175 years. They are one of the leading producers of air conditioners for both home and industrial uses. Whether you need to cool a single room or an entire office building, Voltas has a system that will work for you. They have been leading the air conditioning industry for more than a century, providing solutions and innovations that keep consumers cool. They have also recently started an environmental initiative, which ensures that their air conditioning units are as environmentally-friendly as they are functional.
Why buy a Voltas air conditioner?
From window units, to industrial cooling systems, Voltas is the company for you. Unlike other companies that focus just on one kind of appliance, Voltas has branched out into a wide range of products, using technology and innovations from other sectors of the industry to improve their air conditioners.
Their commitment to excellent units and to better technology is what really sets them apart from other companies. If you are looking for a split AC or window AC unit that effectively cools a room, without wasting electricity and resources, Voltas has a model for you.
Features of Voltas Air Conditioners
One of the best features of Voltas air conditioners is how environmentally friendly they are. It is difficult to sit in a hot room and do anything, but many people avoid using air conditioners, because they believe they have a very negative impact on the planet. Voltas air conditioners are designed to effectively use the power that they draw, so they do not just continually suck power.
They also come in a range of sizes and models, from window units to portable AC, so that you can cool a room quickly and effectively.
How to Pick the Right Voltas Air Conditioner
Finding the right air conditioner is a matter of knowing how large your room is and how cold you want it to be. Most Voltas air conditioners come with a number of different settings, so that you can set a temperature for the room, and how long you want the unit to run. Some may even come with features that allow the AC to switch on and off, in order to save power, while still keeping a room comfortable. To find the right model for you, look at how large the room is. You may want a portable model for more directed cool in large rooms.
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Voltas 2 Ton 2 Star 242 DZC Window AC

Voltas 2 Ton 2 Star 242 DZC Window AC

Window AC
2 Ton Capacity
2 Star Rating
66x43x75 cm Size
Rs. 38,440/-
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Voltas 1.5 Ton 5 Star 185 LZH Window AC

Voltas 1.5 Ton 5 Star 185 LZH Window AC

Window AC
1.5 Ton Capacity
5 Star Rating
66x43x80 cm Size
Rs. 30,999/-
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Voltas AC FAQs

voltas 155cya is better or 155 cy?
155 cy is better.
Is Voltas 155 CY Split Ac is invertor or non invertor?
It's Non-invertor.
What is the warranty of condenser in Voltas 155 CY Split?
There is a 5-year warranty on the compressor.
What's the Warranty of Voltas 185 JY?
Warranty will be provided directly by Voltas 1 yr of inner unit and 5 yr for the compressor and 3 free services.
Which voltage stabilizer do u prefer for Voltas 185 JY ac ?
Vguard 500.

Voltas AC Price List in India 2024

Voltas AC Model Name Price
Voltas 2 Ton 2 Star 242 DZC Window AC Rs. 38,440/-
Voltas 1.5 Ton 5 Star 185 LZH Window AC Rs. 30,999/-