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Pollution has an adverse effect on various natural things and "Water" is one of them. Water is the second most essential thing (First is Oxygen) for a living creature thus it is must that everyone gets clean as well as fresh water. Various kinds of contaminants (Chlorine, Pesticides etc) are found in water, these contaminants can cause various types of disease. As the name itself suggest, a "Water Purifier" cleans the unwanted / harmful contaminants from the water and makes the water filtered. There are various types of Water Purifiers according to their Design, Brand, Price, Uses and Technology Used to Filter the Water. More about all these Water Purifiers is detailed in the text below.

Various Types of Water Purifiers Available in the Market:

There are several types of Water Purifiers available in the market. Some types of Water Purifiers are Electrical & Storage Purifier, Non - Electrical & Storage Purifier, Electrical & Non - Storage Purifier, Non - Electrical & Non - Storage Purifier, Wall Mountable Purifier, Counter or Table Top Purifier, Under The Sink or Counter Purifier, Gravity Water Purifiers (Use Activated Carbon Technology to Filter the Drinking Water), On the Go Purifier etc.

Various Purification Technologies Used in Water Purifiers:

According to the Purification Technology used in a Water Purifier, there are various types of Water Purifiers such as RO (Reverse Osmosis) Purifier, UV (Ultra Violet Radiation) Purifier, UF Purifier, RO + UV Purifier, RO + UF (Ultra Filtration) Purifier, RO + UV + UF Purifier, UV + UF Purifier, RO + UV + UF + TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) Purifier, RO + UF + TDS Purifier, RO + UV + MTDS  Purifier, RO + MF (Micro Filtration) Purifier, RO + SCMT (Silver Charged Membrane Technology) Purifier etc available in the market.

Various Features of Water Purifiers Available in the Market:

The Water Purifiers available in the market has several features & functions such as Save Water Technology, Smart Purifiers, In-built Reject Water Tank, Counter Top Installation, Digital Advance Alert System (Reminds before the Germ Kill Kit Expires), Detachable Storage Tank, Digital Display Panel, Futuristic Double Purification Technology, Detachable Storage Tank, Fully Automatic, Semi-automatic, Multi-stage Filtration, Storage Capacity, Booster Pump etc.

Water Purifier Brands Available in the Market:

Due to the increasing demand of Water Purifiers, several firms have come into the Water Purifier Market. Various Water Purifier Brands available in the market are Blue Star, Eureka Forbes, HUL Pureit, Kelvinator, Kent, LG, Livpure, Panasonic, TATA Swach, Whirlpool etc.