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Bosch Washing Machines Price List in India

as on 29th May 2024
Updated On: 29th May 2024
Bosch Washing Machines
Bosch isn’t a regular appliance manufacturing company, but it is known for the quality of products it manufactures. They have a premium range of Bosch Refrigerators and washing machines that are designed specifically to be more efficient, both in time and use of resources, than appliance sold by other companies. Bosch washing machines are no different, designed to wash more clothes, more effectively, while using less water. These advancements make the everyday consumer’s life easier and faster—and this is Bosch’s motto.
Why buy a Bosch washing machine?
Everyone is busy. Whether you are a homemaker or a high-powered executive, you do not have time to baby sit a washing machine, constantly adjust the settings, or making sure that it does not wobble or malfunction. There are many washing machines out there that need constant maintenance. Bosch is not one of those brands.
Their washing machines have programs that run without your supervision. They function quickly and perfectly, creating perfectly clean clothes, without damaging the garments or leaving any reside behind.
Features of Bosch Washing Machines
Bosch offers a number of washing machines with extra features that make getting clothes clean as efficient as possible. For example, some Bosch washing machines have a Perfect Steam feature, which enables you to get wrinkles out of clothes or to fresh up dirty or smelly clothes that you just don’t have time to wash properly.
Most also come with an express Fast Wash cycle, for when you need something clean quickly, but do not have time to run a full load of laundry. Specific settings can also be changed to account for the fabric you are washing, how long it needs to wash, and what temperature of water you want to use.
How to Choose a Bosch Washing Machine
Picking from Bosch’s wide range of washing machines can seem daunting. There are plenty of great models. When picking your model, be sure to consider the size of the space you have and Bosch washing machines are mostly top loading and automatic as being in premium segment, which gives the ability to have more control over the wash cycle.
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Bosch WAB16161IN Washing Machine

Bosch WAB16161IN

Fully Automatic
Front Loading
6 kg Capacity
Rs. 23,499/-
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Bosch WOA852R0IN Washing Machine

Bosch WOA852R0IN

Fully Automatic
Top Loading
8.5 kg Capacity
8 Water Level
Daily Wash, Quick Wash, Bedsheets, Delicates, Dynamik Soak, Jeans, Hygienic Wash, Tub Clean Washing Program
Size - 550 x 960 x 565 mm
Rs. 26,499/-
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Bosch WAK2426SIN Washing Machine

Bosch WAK2426SIN

Fully Automatic
Front Loading
7 kg Capacity
Rs. 32,599/-
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Bosch WAT2846WIN Washing Machine

Bosch WAT2846WIN

Fully Automatic
Front Loading
8 kg Capacity
Rs. 34,999/-
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Bosch WVG30460IN Washing Machine

Bosch WVG30460IN

Fully Automatic
Front Loading
8 kg Capacity
Delicate / Silk, Wool, Super 15, Synthetics, Allergy Plus, Daily Wash, HygieneCare, Duvet, Drum Clean Washing Program
Size - 850 x 598 x 598 mm
Rs. 52,900/-
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Bosch Washing Machine FAQs

What is minimum wash load in Bosch WAK24268IN?
2-KG as per wash programs but you can wash a single shirt or trouser if you have to.
Does Bosch WAK24268IN have child lock?
Yes, It is available. if hold the 5 sec the power button. It will lock.
How much Energy consumption of Bosch WAK24268IN?
It depends on the function what you are using. Maximum consumption upto 1.08 units for a full cycle.
Is in built heater is available in Bosch WAK24268IN for hot water?
Yes ,inbuilt heater for hot water is available in Bosch WAK24268IN.
What are the dimensions of Bosch WAK24268IN washing machine?
Its 24x24x36.
Does Bosch WAK24268IN need a voltage stabilizer ?

Bosch Washing Machine Price List in India 2024

Bosch Washing Machine Model Name Price
Bosch WAB16161IN Rs. 23,499/-
Bosch WOA852R0IN Rs. 26,499/-
Bosch WAK2426SIN Rs. 32,599/-
Bosch WAT2846WIN Rs. 34,999/-
Bosch WVG30460IN Rs. 52,900/-