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Refrigerators Price List in India

as on 19th November 2018
Updated On: 19th November 2018
How to Select a Perfect Refrigerator ?

Refrigerators are very useful in summer season as they keep the edibles cool as well as fresh. Refrigerators are not only useful in summer but due to the quality of keeping the things fresh, these are pretty much useful in every other season too. The market is filled with various types of Refrigerators according to type, size, brand and more aspects. The home appliances are bought for a long period of time thus you should wisely choose a Refrigerator according to your need, choice and budget so that you can get highest value for your money. In the following text you will find that how to select the perfect Refrigerator for your home or office.

Various Types of Refrigerators :

The Types of Refrigerators are Top Freezer Refrigerator (basic type of Refrigerator, cheaper and has wide shelves with fewer features than the Latest Refrigerators), Bottom-freezer Refrigerator, Double Door or Triple Door Refrigerator, Side-by-side Doors Refrigerator (for those who have narrow space to fit the Refrigerator), French Doors Refrigerator (Expensive), Built-in Refrigerator (for those who needs a sleek design Refrigerator, comes in several door configurations), Cabinet-depth Refrigerators (alternative to Built-in Refrigerators and less-expensive) and Refrigerator Drawer.

How To Select a Perfect Refrigerator for Your Place ?

·         According to Your Place’s Size and Your Budget : While going to buy a Refrigerator, first of all you should think about your budget and the space you have to fit the Refrigerator then you can easily decide that which type of Refrigerator you should buy. If you are looking for a basic type of Refrigerator then you should go for “Top Freezer” Refrigerator as these are cheaper than any other type of Refrigerator. If you are willing to buy something superior than the basic type of Refrigerators then you can choose from other types of Refrigerators. Buy Bottom-freezer Refrigerator (If you don’t want to bend for most of the times when taking something out from the Refrigerator), Double Door or Triple Door Refrigerator (if you have a big family and enough budget), Side-by-side Doors Refrigerator (if you have narrow space at your place to fit the Refrigerator), French Doors Refrigerator (if you love class & style as well as you have decent amount of money in your pockets), Built-in Refrigerator (if you need a sleek design Refrigerator and want to choose from several kinds of door configurations), Cabinet-depth Refrigerators (a kind of alternative to Built-in types Refrigerators with lower cost) and Refrigerator Drawer.

·         According to Usable Space :The other thing which you should check while buying a Refrigerator is the usable space which the Fridge will offer you. When it’s about the usable space then Side-by-side Door Refrigerators have the most usable space while the Top-freezer Refrigerators have the least. Every Refrigerator has the tag which shows its Storage Capacity but almost 20% to 35% of that space is always not usable. You should check the storage size as it will allows you to decide that which Fridge will suit your place according to the number of family / staff members.

·         According to Your Family and Your Eating Habits :If your family includes Kids, Elder Persons and Disabled Persons then a "Side-by-side" Fridge is the best fit for your needs. If you have family members who just opens the fridge and then keeps it open for a long time then "Side-by-side Door or French-door" Fridge is perfect as it lets out less cold air which means it saves energy, food and your money (in form of electricity bills). If you have a habit to cook food with fresh products then a Bottom- freezer Refrigerator is good for you as it offers items at a decent grab-and-go height but if you and your family love to eat icy products then you should prefer a Top-freezer Model so that you won't have to bend every time to reach for your frozen meals.

·         Other Features and Facts to Keep in Mind while Buying a Refrigerator :Apart from all the things described above, other facts which you should also keep in mind are Your Energy Bill (Energy Efficiency of the Refrigerator), Your Cleaning Habits (Material of the Refrigerator's Body), Barista Service, Custom Cold Feature, Bells & Whistles, Notification Features, Smart Refrigerators, Service Call Reminder Feature, Maintenance & Installation, Temperature Controls, Humidity Controls, The Star Rating, Color, Size and many more aspects like these.