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Braun Personal Care Products Price List in India

as on 25th October 2021
Updated On: 25th October 2021
Braun: Electronic personal care products based on new specs and features

Braun is a specialized manufacturer of different personal care devices. These tool kits are bestowed with unique specs and features and are placed at different price segments from Rs 1,000 to Rs 15,000. These mainly include electronic shaver, hair trimmer, hair curler, hair straightener and other devices.

What do we expect from the Braun personal care products?

Among the electronic shavers of Braun, models belonging to the brand of Braun Series 7 799c-6 shaver are intended to be the hot sellers by the company. These electronic shaving devices are available without cord and arrive with cutter clock blade to offer smooth shaving experience to customers. The personalized switches of these shavers allow users to choose one among the 5 shaving modes that normally begins from turbo to sensitive mode. The motor driven blade ensures absolute removal of even small traces of beard from the facial skin from different angles with accurate precision. These shavers are ideal for any type of skin and do not cause any cut or bruises on the face.

The company has introduced wide range of digital trimmers for men to experiment different styles through shortening the hair size of head scalp, beard and moustache. The most notable among them is Braun PT-5010 Trimmer. These devices feature double trimming combs for obtaining the appropriate hair trim and hair style. These combs ensure shortening the length of hair at accurate precision from different angles. These devices can be handled single handedly and are ideal for commercial and household uses. The company also expanded its product portfolio through offering different types of electronic hair dryers to ensure proper care of the natural hair. The most common among them is Braun HD 180 Hair Dryer. These portable machines feature double combined temperature and airflow settings with cool air shot and infrared heat system.

Comparing and selecting new Braun products 

People who do not want to miss the smooth shaving experience within short time period can spend money on the electronic shaving devices of Braun. Those who want to experiment with different hair pattern can invest on the digital trimmers belonging to the brand of Braun PT-5010 Trimmer for shortening the hair of moustache, beard and scalp to any extent. People must also thoroughly study the features and specs of these items before choosing the most appropriate and reliable among them at reasonable prices.

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Braun HD 350 Hair Dryer Personal Care Products

Braun HD 350 Hair Dryer

Hair Dryers
Ideal for Women
Rs. 1,799/-
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Braun Personal Care Product Price List in India 2021

Braun Personal Care Product Model Name Price
Braun HD 350 Hair Dryer Rs. 1,799/-