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Kodak Cameras Price List in India

as on 16th January 2019
Updated On: 16th January 2019
Kodak Cameras Provide Proven Durability
If you're looking for a camera with a proven name and have a long-standing tradition of durability, then you want a Kodak camera. Kodak established the modern photography business several decades ago and each camera is built with a touch of this history included. Similar in styling to the Fujifilm Cameras you'll find today, but with the solid power of an Olympus camera, Kodak takes photography seriously. If you do as well, then this is the camera that you're going to want to have.
What Makes a Kodak Camera So Special?
It's the attention to the small details that makes a Kodak camera such a tempting purchase today. Not only can you get the DSLR options that you love with today's most powerful cameras, but you can get the simplistic ease of sharing life's magical moments with a compact pocket camera as well. Maybe the best example of this is the Kodak EasyShare models that you can find today.
Take the EasyShare C443, for example, if you're looking for a high quality affordable camera. It features 12 mega pixels of quality so that you can take stunning images and turn them into wall art. The EasyShare functions allow you to be able to share these incredible moments of time through your preferred social networks as well with amazing ease. Featuring a 3x Optical Zoom that is controlled with just a quick turn of the finger, this portable camera provides an amazing value!
The reason why the quality of a Kodak image is better than a Genius camera or other competitors is that this brand has a focus on innovation with the science of the image. This goes beyond adding mega pixels to a shot to achieve a higher image quality. Secure data embedding is combined with functional image science so that colors stand out as you see them, light is naturally saturated, and every exposure carries with it a natural feeling. If you're ready for your images to stand out, then you're ready for a Kodak camera!
What Could You Achieve With a Kodak Camera?
If you're willing to make a small investment into a Kodak camera, then there are some fantastic features that will help you create award-winning shots every time you take an image. The AZ361 features an HD zoom lens that lets you quickly take a close-up shot without blurring or vibration. This camera offers a 36x Optical Zoom and with manual options, you can take advantage of the 4x digital zoom. Increase exposure for night photography, take incredible sky images, and easily suppress the flash for that personal touch.
Kodak cameras have been at the edge of innovation for nearly a century and that commitment to quality shows in every camera that is created. If you've been wanting to upgrade your SLR camera to take advantage of what digital photography can do, then the time is now to get a camera from Kodak. Highly affordable and with the features you want, these cameras will help you track life's moments perfectly.
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Kodak FZ151 Camera

Kodak FZ151

Point & Shoot Camera
16 Megapixel
15x Optical Zoom
3 Inch LCD Display
Rs. 5,990/-
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Kodak Camera Price List in India 2019

Kodak Camera Model Name Price
Kodak FZ151 Rs. 5,990/-