Asus’ Latest Phone Zenfone Go 4.5 is for the Budget Conscious Consumer

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Asus has launched its cheapest smartphone in India. The Asus Zenfone Go 4.5 is a cheaper version of the Asus Zenfone Go, which was launched earlier this year. The phone is available exclusively through Flipkart.

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Let’s take a quick glance at the specifications on this phone.

Specifications – Asus Zenfone Go 4.5

The reason why this phone has the number “4.5” attached to it is because of its screen size. This device has a 4.5 inch display. The Asus Zenfone Go 4.5 comes with a MediaTek MT6580M chipset, a 1 GB RAM, and 8 GB of internal storage. In terms of camera, this device has some pretty humble specifications when compared to other modern day smartphones. The Zenfone Go 4.5 has a 5 megapixel rear camera and a VGA camera as its front facing camera unit.

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An important point to note here is that the Asus Zenfone Go 4.5 does not have support for 4G LTE. Even though 4G still hasn’t gone mainstream in India, the technology is beginning to gain some traction. Other smartphone brands offer a wide variety of 4G smartphones. In fact the country’s leading local smartphone brand Micromax has openly stated that its focus is on 4G smartphones at the moment. Micromax has been dishing out 4G phones in all shapes and sizes and in all price ranges.  Other than these specs, the phone also has a dual-SIM feature and is powered by Android 5.1 Lollipop OS.

An argument regarding the battery on the Zenfone Go 4.5

The battery on this phone is 1600 mAh. To be honest that is quite low for any modern smartphone. While one can understand that the phone is priced at only Rs. 5,299 that still doesn’t explain the low battery capacity on offer because Asus’ competitors already offer better battery capacity around a similar price range.

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Micromax is once again a good example to cite here. Micromax offers a number of phones with better battery specs than 1600 mAh for prices which are actually way less than that of the Asus Zenfone Go 4.5. Phones like Micromax Canvas Spark Q380, Micromax Bolt Q332, and Micromax Canvas Spark 2 offer better battery capacity at similar or better specs than the Asus Zenfone Go 4.5. In fact Micromax has phones such as the Micromax Bolt A089 which have much lower specs otherwise compare to the Zengone Go 4.5, but are still able to offer a battery capacity of 2100 mAh.


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I can almost sense Asus’ probable counter-argument to mine. The Zenfone Go 4.5 is a cheaper cousin to the Zenfone Go, but that shouldn’t make it any less of a competitor to other brands. Now Asus is no slouch when it comes to technological innovation. They are among the most innovative smartphone brands in the world so I fail to understand why they would not be able to ship a better battery configuration with the Zenfone Go 4.5 given that they want to compete with brands like Micromax and Lenovo in the highly saturated and option-loaded-low-budget segment of Indian smartphone market.

Other Asus Zenfone Go series phones

As I mentioned earlier, this phone is a cheaper cousin to the Asus Zenfone Go. The Asus Zenfone Go is available in two variants. The first is an 8 GB variant and the second is a 16 GB variant. Both of these phones offered better specifications than the new one. They also had better battery life and 4G support.

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