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A Tablet Computer or Simply a “Tablet” is a device which falls in between the Smartphone and the Computer as it has some features of a Smartphone and some of a Computer. A Tablet is bigger is size than a Mobile but smaller than a Laptop. Tablet has Touchscreen Display Screen but not supports several kinds of I/O Units as a Computer supports. Generally Tablets run Mobile Operating System such as Android, BlackBerry, Firefox, iOS, MeeGo or Maemo or Moblin, Ubuntu Touch, WebOS, WeTab, Windows and Hybrid Operating System. A Tablet is a combination of Hardware and Software. Tablet also uses various Apps similarly as a Smartphone.

Various Types of Laptops Available in the Market:

There are several types of Tablets available in the market. The types of Tablets are categorized according to their Features & Functions, Hardware, Software and Design. The types of Tablets includes 2-in-1 Tablets (Features I/O Ports just like a Laptop), Booklet (Dual-touchscreen Tablets having Clamshell Structure), Convertible Tablets (Combines Features of Tablets and Laptops), Gaming Tablet (Features Physical Gamepad Buttons), Hybrid Tablets (Combines Features of Tablets and Laptops), Slate (Starting Display Size 6 Inches), Mini Tablet (Lighter and Smaller than Slates), Phablet (Bigger Than Smartphone, A Tablet with Voice Calling Feature) and Customized Business Tablet.

Various Features of a Tablet:

Just like a Smartphone or a Computer, a Tablet features various specs, components and functions. Some of these functions, components and specs are Touchscreen Display, Rechargeable Battery, Stylus, Speakers, Headphone Jack, USB Port, Vibration, Bluetooth, High-definition Display, Anti-glare Display, On-board Flash Memory, Removable Storage Ports, Front Camera and Rear Camera, Microphone, GPS, Flashlight, Sensors (Accelerometer, Ambient Light, Finger Print, Gyroscope, Infra Red, Proximity etc), Speech and Gesture Recognition Feature, Wifi, Operating Systems, Web Browser, Voice Calling and Video Calling, Text Messaging, App Store etc.

Various Tablet Brands Available in the Market:

The best Tablet Brands among all available Tablet Brands are Acer, Apple, Asus, Dell, HP, HTC, Lava, Lenovo, LG, Microsoft, Nokia, Panasonic, Samsung, Sony, Toshiba and Videocon. All these are very popular as well as reliable brands so one can easily rely on these while going to buy a Tablet.

Tablets are energy efficient than Laptops but have limited ports so Tablets can support only a few I/O Units while Laptops supports more than a Tablet. If you loves Mobility and want to experience “Big Screen Entertainment” then you should go for a Tablet but if you only need a Smart Mobile Device then you should go for a Smartphone.