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Fujifilm Cameras Price List in India

as on 28th May 2024
Updated On: 28th May 2024
Take the Perfect Photograph with FujiFilm Cameras
FujiFilm cameras have long been the standard camera for those who want to take quality images without spending a lot of money in order to do so. The FinePix series in particular puts the power of easy versatility, along with manual camera options, into an easy interface that makes taking custom images simple and fun. 
With instant cameras available, DSLR options, and other fun pocket cameras available, FujiFilm has the perfect camera waiting for you. You've only got one question to answer: which camera is it that you need?
There is a Lot of Innovation in the FujiFilm Brand
Fujifilm challenges new frontiers and works to change the world, one thing at a time, through the technology that they develop. This is seen in their entire line of cameras, whether it is a FinePix or another series, through the combination of high megapixel counts and low prices. That's because this brand sees value from innovation and the personal development that occurs when using an innovative product more than it sees value from profit.
One of the best basic cameras you can purchase right now is the FinePix S6800. It supports manual sensitivities as high as ISO 12800, which means you can make even the darkest scenes brighter while still creating a natural looking image. It offers a resolution of 16 MP and there's a 30x optical zoom that goes from 24mm to 720mm with just a turn of the dial. A full 3 inch LCD monitor helps you preview the image and see the shot you just took. On a standard set of batteries, you'll get over 300 different shots!
For a smaller, more portable version, the Instax by FujiFilm offers you an instant way to produce prints with actual films. It produces credit card prints and utilizes and optical 0.37x real image viewfinder so that you can take the perfect image. It has auto exposure with manual switches that is fed through the 60mm lens so it can take close up images that are at least 2 feet away.
Why Choose a FujiFilm Camera?
FujiFilm gives you professional options for a camera at a fraction of the price. You can specifically tailor your images straight from the menu screens and the preview window is nice, large, and accurate so you'll know exactly what your photo looks like instantly after you take it. Manual options, back end zoom, and everything else you need is right at your fingertips, often available at the push of a button or two. Many of the digital models even include a light sensor on the LED screen for added convenience!
FujiFilm cameras are also extremely durable. There are many photographers who are still using their FinePix cameras on a regular basis after 10 years because they are a top-of-the-line masterpiece that perfectly blends form, function, and affordability. If you're looking for a new digital camera that is either pocket-sized, a DSLR, or full-sized or just want an instant camera that gives you incredible shots, then FujiFilm has the perfect camera for you. Compare makes and models today and you'll be able to take the perfect shot every single time!
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Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Camera

Fujifilm Instax Mini 90

Point & Shoot Camera
Rs. 9,994/-
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Fujifilm Instax Wide 300 Camera

Fujifilm Instax Wide 300

Point & Shoot Camera
18 Megapixel
Rs. 6,499/-
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Fujifilm Camera Price List in India 2024

Fujifilm Camera Model Name Price
Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Rs. 9,994/-
Fujifilm Instax Wide 300 Rs. 6,499/-