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Olympus Cameras Price List in India

as on 20th September 2018
Updated On: 20th September 2018
Olympus Cameras Bring the Power to the People
Are you looking for a camera that is versatile enough to handle any environment? Do you want a camera that is ultra slim, but will still provide you with a high-grade snapshot every time you wish to capture an image? Then what you might just want today is an Olympus camera! With the ability bring true photography power to every individual, you'll find the versatility of a Wespro camera and the durability of a Genius camera in your hands with Olympus.
Olympus Cameras Will Take Your Photography to New Highs
Whether you want to share your images beautifully or you're ready to move your photography skills into a new age, Olympus has made a camera for you. With DSLR cameras powered with Zuiko lens systems, you'll be able to take stunning landscapes with a wide-angle lens easily or zoom into a long distance shot with ease with a 600mm option. Perfect for the professional or the amateur enthusiast, Olympus cameras will help you to capture the stills of the world around you quickly and easily!
If you are looking for a highly portable camera that you can just slip into a pocket to capture those moments of spontaneity that occur, then Olympus has you covered here as well. The Olympus VH-520 is a stunning pocket camera that offers users a 10x Optical Zoom for tight shots with incredible detail. This camera has 14 mega pixels and is uses a standard SD card system to store each image. With a 3 inch LCD display and all standard ISO ratings available with white balancing, the modern features are amazing at the price of this camera!
Then there's the modern innovation to consider with Olympus cameras as well. The Olympus PEN models, for example, feature LCD touchscreen for greater flexibility of use. Many models have the monitors be able to rotate so that selfies and other forward facing images can be taken with ease. Transfer images to your smartphone on the spot with this modern DSLR and you'll discover a comfortable shooting experience!
Why Should You Choose an Olympus Camera Today?
Olympus is able to compete with Panasonic cameras and other competitors thanks to the inclusion Zuiko products on many models. You could create custom images with a suppressed flash and other manual features, but you'll enhance every choice you make with the help of a Zuiko lens. Featuring a high resolving power that is specially designed for digital images, the light coming through the lens is pure instead of degraded, allowing for precise focusing and crystal clear colors.
If you're looking for a superior grade camera in any size, shape, or style, then you will want to consider an Olympus camera today. Hold the power of an SLR in your hands for a surprisingly affordable price and you'll see what the future of digital photography was meant to be with any Olympus model. Get yours today!
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Olympus SZ 14 Camera

Olympus SZ 14

Point & Shoot Camera
14 Megapixel
24x Optical Zoom
3 Inch TFT Color LCD Display
4288 x 3216 (14 M) Image Size
Rs. 25,672/-
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Olympus Stylus 1 Camera

Olympus Stylus 1

Point & Shoot Camera
12 Megapixel
10.7x Optical Zoom
3 Inch LCD Display
Rs. 42,800/-
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Olympus VG-180 Camera

Olympus VG-180

Point & Shoot Camera
16 Megapixel
5x Optical Zoom
2.7 Inch TFT LCD Monitor Display
4608 x 3456 Image Size
Rs. 45,991/-
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Olympus XZ-1 Camera

Olympus XZ-1

Point & Shoot Camera
10 Megapixel
4x Optical Zoom
3 Inch OLED Display
3648 x 2736 Image Size
Rs. 46,258/-
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Olympus E-M5 Body Camera

Olympus E-M5 Body

DSLR Camera
16.1 Megapixel
3 Inch LED Monitor (Touch control) Display
4608 x 3456, 4608 x 3456, 640 x 480 Image Size
Rs. 68,116/-
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Olympus E-PM1 With 14-42mm Kit Lens Camera

Olympus E-PM1 With 14-42mm Kit Lens

DSLR Camera
12.3 Megapixel
3x Optical Zoom
3 Inch LCD, Anti-reflection Coating Display
4032 x 3024 Image Size
Rs. 73,532/-
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Olympus Camera Price List in India 2018

Olympus Camera Model Name Price
Olympus SZ 14 Rs. 25,672/-
Olympus Stylus 1 Rs. 42,800/-
Olympus VG-180 Rs. 45,991/-
Olympus XZ-1 Rs. 46,258/-
Olympus E-M5 Body Rs. 68,116/-
Olympus E-PM1 With 14-42mm Kit Lens Rs. 73,532/-