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Panasonic AC Price List in India

as on 22nd January 2021
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Updated On: 22nd January 2021
Panasonic Air Conditioners
No one likes to enter a room that feels like a sauna when it’s not supposed to. Thankfully there are Panasonic Air Conditioners that can help make the rooms in your house nice and cool. Panasonic has been in the electronics business since 1918, so they are definitely a brand that can be trusted. They make everything from Panasonic Televisions to Panasonic Blue Ray players to Panasonic Refrigerators.  Their split AC units are reliable and are known for their quietness. Noisy AC units are not welcoming. 
Why Choose a Panasonic Air Conditioner For Your Home?
Panasonic split AC units are much quieter that window unit air conditioners. The parts that make the most noise, the compressor and fan, are outside of the house. Split AC units can also be joined together. You can have more than one indoor unit connecting to the outdoor unit. This helps the room maintain an even temperature. 
Panasonic Air Conditioners are a much more efficient and cost-effective in the long term compared to window AC units and portable AC units. While you may spend more money upfront, they will save much more money over the course of time. 
For example, a popular Panasonic model is the CS/CU-UC18QKY3. It is a split AC with 1.5 ton capacity. It’s an energy saving device that cranks out 1860 Btu/h. It also has an indoor sound level ratio of 46/41. 
Compare this to the Lloyd LW19A3 window AC whose sound level ratio is 56! They are both 1.5tons but the Panasonic is much quieter. There are other brand options including Carrier Air Conditioners or Daikin Air Conditioners. Panasonic split air conditioners also can fit in areas of the room where a window AC using may not be the best option. 
Choosing the Best Panasonic Air Conditioner for Your Home
There are several models of Panasonic Air Conditioners to choose from depending on your budget and the area you need cooled. Basic models like the Panasonic CS/CU-YC9QKY3 are only 0.75 tons and can cool off a small room. For a larger size room, one may consider the 2-ton Panasonic CS/CU-S24PKY. The indoor sound level ratio of this larger model can get as low as 33 so even though it has a larger capacity, it is fairly quiet. 
It is important to pick the right size air conditioner because one that is too small will actually cause the electricity bill to be higher. Constant on and off cycling of the compressor will cause the unit to use more energy and increase the cost of usage. It is better to get a larger unit that will not be overworked and will not have this problem of turning on an off too often. 
Another important consideration is where the room is facing that is to be cooled. If the room faces directly to the sun, then a more powerful unit may be needed to cool the room. One other factor to consider when buying a split AC unit is installation. It is recommended that you seek a professional to install this type of using because it is not as simple as plugging the unit into the wall outlet and forgetting about it. Since there are both indoor and outdoor parts to be installed, a qualified technician will be able to safely install the unit for maximum enjoyment.
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Panasonic 1.5 Ton 3 Star LC18VKY Split AC

Panasonic 1.5 Ton 3 Star LC18VKY Split AC

Split AC
1.5 Ton Capacity
3 Star Rating
Rs. 34,999/-
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Panasonic AC Price List in India 2021

Panasonic AC Model Name Price
Panasonic 1.5 Ton 3 Star LC18VKY Split AC Rs. 34,999/-