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Brite Personal Care Products Price List in India

as on 19th November 2018
Updated On: 19th November 2018
Brite: Hair care tools running on latest specs and features at affordable segments

Brite has introduced latest hair care tool kits to ensure fast and reliable trimming and cutting of hair without affecting the skin. All these devices are bundled with latest technology to revolutionize the concept of hair care. The prices of these devices are normally within the range of Rs. 200 to Rs 1,000.

How does the Brite product stand against the other competitors?

The company has introduced variety of trimmer devices in the market to increase the buying options of the consumers. Models belonging to the brand of Brite BHT-609 Trimmer have been designed to shorten the hair size of the facial beard and head scalp. These trimmers unleash high quality trimming with dimensional accuracy. These devices are free of cord and usually arrive in the ergonomic design. They can be applied in wet and moist facial as well as scalp hair for reducing the sizes to a specific extent. The small motor blade works fluently without causing any cut to the skin.

The company has brought out different hair dryer models to allow women to keep their hair shiny, dry and polished. The success of these products can be attributed to the Brite BDH-305 Hair Dryer models. Dryers belonging to this series normally consume 850 Watt of power and are ideal for keeping the hair in dry condition after bath or in setting the hair in a particular stylish pattern. For providing flawless shaving experience to men, the company has brought rechargeable shavers. The most widely acclaimed models belonged to the brand of Brite BS-120 Shaver which normally sport a glossy appearance with cutter block blade and other features like selecting the shaving mode through soft push buttons.

Selecting a Brite product against the available options   

The market of hair care devices is expanding at a rapid rate in India due to entry of various brands like Brite. It not only increases the purchasing options of the buyers but also making them confused at the same moment. These can only be overcome on the basis of certain yardsticks. People who want to enjoy hassle free shaving experience can look for the electronic shavers of Brite. Similarly, those who are interested to trim their scalp and beard hair can look for the models of Brite BHT-609 Trimmer brand to obtain the desired look. Ultimately, people have to determine their choice on the basis of their requirements and expectations.