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Computer is one of the best Machines. There is no need to tell about the uses of Computer as almost every field now needs a computer. Computers made all types of works very easy as well as these allow the user to perform various tasks within just minutes. As well all know that Technology never stops and always goes for a further level, Computers also brought to the next level which is known as “Laptop”. Laptops are just a kind of computer which has all the components in a “Clamshell” type of shape. The upper part of the Shell has the Monitor while the Lower Part has all other things underneath the Keyboard and Mouse Pad. All details about Laptops are described in the following sections.

Various Types of Laptops Available in the Market:

There are several types of Laptops available in the market such as 2-in-1 Laptops, Business Laptops, Convertible Laptops, Hybrid Laptops, Lapbooks, Netbook, Rugged Laptops, Macbook (Apple), Chromebook, Special Purpose Laptops, Subnotebook etc. Apart from these types, there are many more types of Laptops according to their Features, Processor, Operating System, Brand and many more aspects. There are several Laptop Brands available in the market. Some of the best Laptop Brands are Acer, Apple, Asus, Dell, Google, HP, Lenovo, LG, Microsoft, Samsung and Toshiba.

Various Hardware Components of a Laptop:

Alphanumeric Keyboard, Battery & Power Supply, Central Processing Unit or CPU (Produce Less Heat than Desktops & Includes Advanced Power Saving Feature), Cooling Component, Display Screen (Available in Several Size & Types), Internal Storage (HDD or SDD or Both), Memory or RAM, Touchpad or Trackpad or Mouse Pad, USB Ports, Built-in Speakers are the Essential Components which in combination assemble a Laptop. While Bluetooth, Built-in Microphones, Card Reader, Graphical Processing Unit (GPU), Ethernet Network Port, Expansion Cards, External Monitor Port (VGA, DVI, HDMI or Mini DisplayPort), Firewire, Headphone Jack, Microphone Jack, Parallel Port, Pointing Stick, PS/2 Keyboard and Mouse Port, Removable Media Drives (Optical Disc Drives), Serial Port, Webcams, Wifi and Accessories (Charging Trolleys, Docking Station, Laptop Bags, Laptop Cooler, Laptop Skin or Laptop Case, Laptop Sleeve, Solar Panels etc) are the Components which are optional in a Laptop.

Pros and Cons of a Laptop over a Desktop:

Pros of a Laptop are Better Connectivity, Immediacy, Low Noise, Low Power Consumption, Portability, Productivity, Smaller Size, Up-to-date Information are the cons of a Laptop while Battery Life, Durability, Parts Replacement, Performance and Upgradeability Issues are the cons of a Laptop.