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IFB Ovens Price List in India

as on 14th April 2024
Updated On: 14th April 2024
IBF Ovens Review
These days it is difficult to find reliable ovens that are ideal for kitchens and households to meet cooking needs. Oven is considered as one of the most important part of the kitchen because it undertakes some very important tasks such as defrosting, heating and cooking. There are many ovens in the market that have a good brand name attached to them and are also equipped with the latest efficient technology. Such brand names come with a high price tag due to which it is important for consumers to look for those features in the oven that suit them the most.
Budget and User Friendly
IBF is one of those brands that has a good reputation in the market and you should definitely considering purchasing an IBF oven for your kitchen. IBF ovens have this good reputation in the market because they are affordable and user friendly at the same time. IBF ovens do not usually have all those complicated functionalities due to which they are easy to operate on. IBF is also considered as one of those brands that keep innovating continuously to meet consumer requirements.
Latest Technology
Since IBF ovens are targeted at a wide range of audience, the brand has produced varying ovens for different target groups. There are some ovens from IBF that are spacious and are suitable to those households whose cooking needs are challenging and who have spare space in the kitchen to accommodate these huge ovens. Such ovens can have a capacity of over 2 cubic feet which means that you can easily cook large food items. Defrosting and heating functions are common in such ovens and the latest technology installed in IBF ovens makes sure that the food is cooked evenly and efficiently. Some of the newer models of IBF ovens come with a turbo defrost option as well that allow the defrosting function to work quickly in a matter of seconds or minutes depending on the food. 
IBF Ovens Design
IBF has paid special attention to its ovens’ designs and this has helped out people a lot. The ovens are specially designed to save space in the kitchen. These ovens have a real nice finish to them and are made using stainless steel that keeps the food protected from the reflecting heat rays. Such ovens are also quite spacious from the inside which means that you can easily fit in large dinner plates as well. Such modifications to designs based on consumer needs along with other features related to language and power modifications have made IBF ovens one of the best ovens in the market. 
Different Sizes
While IBF also provides large ovens, it also provides compact sized ovens to people who need them. Such ovens are smaller than the large ovens and are compact which means that they do not take up a lot of space in the kitchen and can be moved around as well. Despite the small size, the ovens function efficiently with some of the latest features such as touch feature of cooking that assists in heating, defrosting and cooking by adding more convenience to the experience.
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IFB 25BC3 Convection 25L Oven

IFB 25BC3 Convection 25L

Convection Microwave
25L Capacity
10 Power Levels
50 Auto Cook Menu
Size - 483 x 281 x 390 mm
Rs. 12,390/-
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IFB Oven Price List in India 2024

IFB Oven Model Name Price
IFB 25BC3 Convection 25L Rs. 12,390/-