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Samsung Ovens Price List in India

as on 28th May 2024
Updated On: 28th May 2024
Samsung Oven Review
It is very important for a kitchen appliance to have two important characteristics. It should be functional and it should also be compact enough to fit well in the kitchen. These two characteristics can be found in ovens these days since ovens work well in cooking food while saving space in the kitchen as well. Many brands provide ovens to the consumers and Samsung is one of those brands that have successfully provided the consumers with ovens that have different characteristics based on the model number.
Types of Samsung Ovens
One of the most popular ovens provided by Samsung is the Solo type. Such ovens are best for those people who live in a small place due to which the appliance that they buy has to be compact as well. Since Samsung sells a wide range of ovens, it sells ovens that have a capacity of less than one cubic feet and such appliances are perfect for those households that have fewer members. Such ovens also have a great potential of usability in dorm rooms. Despite the small size, such Samsung ovens are highly functional and efficient.
Efficient Heating Technology
Samsung Ovens have an efficient heating system that runs with the help of a power steam bowl. This system makes sure that food such as rice and vegetables are cooked nicely in minimum time with the help of some automatic features. Samsung has included several complicated technologies in its ovens that make sure that food is cooked evenly in the oven in order to provide best food on the plate. Moreover, there are also options like rapid defrost that help specifically with frozen items.
Grill Ovens
Some Samsung ovens also come with the feature of grill. Such Samsung ovens are ideal for those people who love heating and cooking food items such as bread and pizza. Samsung has also included an option in its ovens called crusty cook that is suitable for such bread items. The heater in Samsung ovens is usually movable and that allows the user to position it based on personal preference for best results. Samsung ovens that come with grills also have options of rapid defrost and do support even cooking.
Best for baking
Samsung also deals in convection type ovens. Such Samsung ovens have the capability of baking and steaming food. Samsung has equipped these ovens with pro steamer technology that helps in making steamed dishes with delicious tastes. Samsung ovens also come with stainless steel and this quality keeps the food safe from the rays that reflect from the steel of the microwave.
Samsung ovens are also perfect for those people who love crispy food such as crispy garlic bread or pizza with a little crisp on it. Some Samsung ovens also come with a feature of crusty plate which allows people to reheat frozen food items with some crisp. Samsung ovens also perform really good when it comes to baking cakes or pastries.
Samsung ovens are popular for their efficiency. They do the job very quickly and heat and cook the food in the best possible way. The brand has proved successfully from time to time by providing the best experience to households in terms of cooking and delicious meals.
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Samsung CE73JD Convection 21L Oven

Samsung CE73JD Convection 21L

Convection Microwave
21L Capacity
6 Power Levels
67 Auto Cook Menu
Size - 489 x 282 x 444 mm
Rs. 10,880/-
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Samsung Oven Price List in India 2024

Samsung Oven Model Name Price
Samsung CE73JD Convection 21L Rs. 10,880/-