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BaByliss Personal Care Products Price List in India

as on 24th May 2022
Updated On: 24th May 2022
BaByliss: Exhibiting hair-care products equipped with new specs and features

BaByliss is another leading player in the industry of variety of electronic hair care items. The company has obtained a decent response from style conscious customers for offering hair dryer, hair styler, hair straightener, trimmer and other products. All these items are based on cutting edge technology and fall within the budget segment around Rs 1000 to Rs 9000.

Features and benefits that can be obtained from hair care products of BaByliss

The company has introduced variety of electrically driven trimmers with cord as well as cordless form to offer smooth hair length shortening experience to customers. Most of these trimming devices consume electric power around 220 to 240 volt to activate the stainless steel blade and cut short the length of natural hair with accurate precision. These devices also come with a charging indicators to notify full charge of the battery within 30 minutes. Using these trimmers, moist and dry hair can be effectively shortened to obtain the desired trendy look.  These devices enable users to adjust the cutting lengths of their hair according to individual requirements. These equipments do not produce any scratch or cut in the head scalp and do not affect the normal growth of hair. BaByliss E696E Trimmer is one such brand that delivers good trimming service to the customers.

The company has also introduced hair styler machines that help in keeping curly and twisted long hair for any occasion. The most prominent among them is BaByliss Twist Secret Electric Hair Styler. These mainly feature a ceramic-titanium coated barrel based on nano technology to retain the shine and smoothness of the hair for a long period of time. These devices arrive with 5 temperature settings in digital format to obtain the preferred style under controlled environment.

Tips for selecting a good budget hair care product of BaByliss

People now have the option to take absolute care of their hair in numerous ways. But the most popular among them is the use of electronic hair care tools. People who want to minimize the length of their hair can opt for the hair trimmers of BaByliss which are available in cord and cordless form in the market. Women who are fond of having curly twisted hair can now easily have them from the BaByliss Twist Secret Electric Hair Styler. Customers must determine their choice on the basis of budget condition as well apart from studying the features and specs of these hair care devices.

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BaByliss C1000E Hair Curler Personal Care Products

BaByliss C1000E Hair Curler

Hair Curlers
Ideal for Women
Rs. 3,990/-
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BaByliss Personal Care Product Price List in India 2022

BaByliss Personal Care Product Model Name Price
BaByliss C1000E Hair Curler Rs. 3,990/-