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Hitachi AC Price List in India

as on 15th May 2021
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Updated On: 15th May 2021
Hitachi Air Conditioners Give You a Best In-Class Performance
Providing you the services and solutions you need has always been the goal of Hitachi. Believing that social innovation is the future, Hitachi has served its customers for over 100 years with a foundation of quality products and services. That can especially be seen with the air conditioners that this manufacturer produces, giving you the window or split A/C options that your home may need. With high energy ratings and capacities of 1 ton or more, you can stay cool on even the hottest of days!
Which Hitachi Air Conditioner Is Right For You?
For many homes, the split air conditioner is going to be the best option. It has the capability of cooling down an entire home in just a few minutes without worrying about any exhaust. It is vented through to the exterior of the home so that you get clean, fresh air to enjoy inside. Split A/C models are also generally quieter than their window counterparts, which means your ears will enjoy the noise difference very much! These are generally the highest energy efficient models as well.
Window air conditioners are perfect for those who have a small flat or apartment which needs to be cooled or for the home that has just a room or two that needs a higher emphasis of cooling. These window units tend to need some installation assistance so they are properly balanced and any backflow exhaust is prevented from entering the home. The Summer models by Hitachi are often considered some of the best air conditioners produced by any manufacturer!
Combining form, function, and affordability is the Hitachi Sugoi. This split AC unit offers a 5 star energy rating, a 1.5 ton capacity, and offers an air flow volume of 636 CFM. You'll have an auto power save mode at your disposal and anti-bacteria filter technology helping to keep your air clean. Consuming 1495 watts of power, but weighing just 12.9 kg indoors, this is a great air conditioner for many homes!
Hitachi Air Conditioners Meet the Needs of Variable Weather
With options such as silent cooling and auto climate technology, many of the units that you'll find today have numerous programmable modes so you can always have a comfortable interior temperature. With Tropical Inverter Technology included on some models, like the Ace Inverter, that are specifically designed for the local climate, compact designs, and twin motor technology that makes some window units as energy efficient as a split AC model, there is definitely something available today that will cool down your home!
After evaluating your personal needs, compare and contrast the various Hitachi models that are available today so that you can get the best combination of capacity, energy efficiency, and power. The Kaze models even offer hot and cool options so that the winter months can be warmer too! If you have a need to be more comfortable, Hitachi can meet that need in an affordable, efficient way today. What Hitachi air conditioner will you choose?
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Hitachi 1 Ton 3 Star RAW312KWD Window AC

Hitachi 1 Ton 3 Star RAW312KWD Window AC

Window AC
1 Ton Capacity
3 Star Rating
66 x 43 x 75.5 cm Size
Rs. 23,990/-
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Hitachi AC FAQs

What is cooling capacity of Hitachi 1 Ton 3 Star RAW312KXDAI Window AC?
3605 Watts 12300 BTU/Hr.
What are the dimensions of Hitachi RAW312KWD Split AC?
The dimension of Hitachi RAW312KWD Split AC is 15inch by 22 inch.
Does Hitachi RAW312KWD Split AC having dust filter and vitamin c filter?
It has dust filter which is very good... Does not have vitamin C filter
Which stabliser i have to purchase for hitachi 1 ton ac ??
Logicstat stabilizer.
Which gas used in raw511kud 1 ton 5star window ac ?
It will use R22 Gas.

Hitachi AC Price List in India 2021

Hitachi AC Model Name Price
Hitachi 1 Ton 3 Star RAW312KWD Window AC Rs. 23,990/-