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Onida LED TV Price List in India

as on 28th October 2021
Updated On: 28th October 2021
Latest Onida LED TV Price List in India. You will find here Onida TV Price of all models updated on 28th October 2021. Currently we have 3 models of Onida Televisions available for sale in India which starts from Rs. 23,990 for Onida 40HG LED TV which goes up to Rs. 53,199 for Onida 58UIC LED TV. Get Best Deals on Onida LED TV and always compare price before you buy. Check complete details on specifications, features, Video, Audio quality, Screen Size & Resolution of Onida LED TVs.
Onida Televisions
Onida Televisions have long been a favorite of consumers in India. Since the company was founded as Mirc Electronics in 1981, it has developed into one of the most popular and widespread Indian technology firms. Televisions were their first product, and that devotion still lives on today, in the quality and durability of the televisions sets they sell.
If you are looking for a reliable television, Onida is a great company to purchase from, with a quickly expanding market share and innovative technology.
About Onida
In 1999, Onida won the “Award for Excellence in Electronics.” At this point, their company was still called Mirc Electronics, but the same spirit and drive that won them that award at the turn of the century continues today, under the company’s new name.
With more than two hundred customer relation hubs, Onida has one of the most prolific and hardest working customer service departments, handling everything from customer complaints to helping to set up electronics remotely.
Among their other offerings are Onida air conditioners and Onida washing machines, both of which benefit from the television technology this company has worked so hard to research and maintain.
Features of Onida Televisions
Onida televisions range from LCD to LED to Plasma flat screens. While most Samsung televisions and LG televisions come with those same options, Onida also offers a number of specialized home theater systems, as well as 3D options, which allow you to fully enjoy any 3D movies or games that you may own.
Screen sizes vary, but all Onida televisions are flat screen, with excellent sound and picture quality. Flat screen allows the television to fit into tighter spaces or even to be hung on a wall, while still filling the room with sound and providing an excellent picture.
What to Consider when Purchasing an Onida Television
When purchasing a television, it is important to consider the size of the screen. Screen sizes are measured in inches, along the diagonal of the screen. The larger the screen, the more room it will take up. If you have limited space, it is important to measure your area and find a television that will fit properly.
In addition, think about the different types of technology that are offered with Onida televisions, ranging from Ultra HD to full HD, to HD ready. Also, be sure to check whether or not your television comes with a warranty.
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Onida 43UIB LED TV Television

Onida 43UIB LED TV

Ultra HD, 4K, Smart TV, LED TV
43 Inch Screen
Rs. 29,800/-
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Onida 40HG LED TV Television

Onida 40HG LED TV

HD Ready, LED TV
39 Inch Screen
Size - 880 x 515 x 76 mm
Rs. 23,990/-
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Onida 58UIC LED TV Television

Onida 58UIC LED TV

Ultra HD, 4K, Smart TV, LED TV
58 Inch Screen
Size - 1296.9 mm x 754 mm x 92.7 mm
Rs. 53,199/-
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Whats the warranty of Onida LEO32HAIN LED?
One year warranty.
Can we connect home theater with Onida LEO32HAIN LED?
Yes, You can connect home theater with Onida LEO32HAIN LED.
Can we browse the internet from a browser or apps in Onida LEO32HAIN LED?
You can use apps and even browser in this tv.
What about HDMI in Onida LEO32HAIN LED?
Three HDMI ports are given, one out of that supports MHL. but No cable will be provided.
Whats the in build operating system in Onida LEO32HAIN LED?
Android 4.4.4
Does Onida LEO32HAIN LED TV Support home theater?
Yes, it supports the home theatre.

Onida LED TV Price List in India 2021

Onida LED TV Model Name Price
Onida 43UIB LED TV Rs. 29,800/-
Onida 40HG LED TV Rs. 23,990/-
Onida 58UIC LED TV Rs. 53,199/-