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Sansui LED TV Price List in India

as on 29th May 2024
Updated On: 29th May 2024
Latest Sansui LED TV Price List in India. You will find here Sansui TV Price of all models updated on 29th May 2024. Currently we have 2 models of Sansui Televisions available for sale in India which starts from Rs. 69,200 for Sansui SNA55QX0ZSA LED TV which goes up to Rs. 1,19,990 for Sansui SNC55CX0ZSA LED TV. Get Best Deals on Sansui LED TV and always compare price before you buy. Check complete details on specifications, features, Video, Audio quality, Screen Size & Resolution of Sansui LED TVs.
About Sansui Televisions

As one of many technology companies to emerge in Japan after the second world war, Sansui has made a name for itself across the world, with products related, at first, just to audio components of other technology, including inventing several new technologies that made sound systems more functional and easily improve sound quality across all products that used their audio components. In the last two decades, the company has moved to mainly producing higher-end products and branching out into full technologies like televisions, as a result of acquisition and working with other Tokyo-based tech firms.

Features of Sansui Televisions

Sansui has worked to be at the top of their television game, with a line of products that incorporate the highest quality technology on the market. These televisions, despite using some of the most advance audio components, are built to be reasonable priced.

Many Sansui televisions are HD ready, meaning that if you already have an HD signal or HD entertainment, these televisions will pick up and provide crustal clear picture quality. Many models could also be classified as a LED TV, meaning that their LCD screens are backlit by LEDs for truly remarkable clarity and brightness, even on television with a large screen size.

Because of Sansui’s origins, their televisions have the best audio features on the market, with superb sound, created by the latest in audio technology. Their speakers are designed to fill a room with sound, without adding too much bulk to the television itself.

One of the final features of Sansui televisions that should be mentioned is warranty that is available. Many models come with at least some form of a warranty, which protects the user from having to pay out of pocket to have a television repaired or replaced if there was a manufacturing defect.

How to Pick a Sansui Television

When it comes to picking a Sansui television, the first factor to consider is screen size. While very large televisions can improve the viewing experience, they television itself might not fit in the space allotted for it. Know how much room you have to allow for a television, before purchasing.

The next factor to consider is the type of screen that you want. There is not much difference between the clarity of an LCD screen or a plasma screen, but some do prefer one over the other.

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Sansui SNA55QX0ZSA LED TV Television


Ultra HD, 4K, Smart TV, LED TV
55 Inch Screen
Rs. 69,200/-
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Sansui SNC55CX0ZSA LED TV Television


Ultra HD, 4K, Curved, Smart TV, LED TV
55 Inch Screen
Rs. 1,19,990/-
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Sansui LED TV FAQs

How to connet mobile with Sansui SNS32HB23CAF LED?
You have to buy one MHL (Mobile High-Definition link)cable from the market and connect that to your phone and tv it will connect.
Can we play MKV format video in Sansui SJV32HH-2F LED?
Yes, It supports MKV can easily play dual audio movies.
Can I connect PC or Laptop with Sansui SJV32HH-2F LED TV?
Offcourse you can connect either laptop or PC because it having VGA and HDMI port both in it.
How much is the refresh rate of Sansui SKY40FB11FA LED Tv?
FULL HD LED TV. The TV set features 100-200 Hz Refresh Rate that helps you to get darken free pictures.
What is warranty period of Sansui SKY40FB11FA LED?
One yr manufacturer warranty.

Sansui LED TV Price List in India 2024

Sansui LED TV Model Name Price
Sansui SNA55QX0ZSA LED TV Rs. 69,200/-
Sansui SNC55CX0ZSA LED TV Rs. 1,19,990/-