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Croma Ovens Price List in India

as on 13th July 2020
Updated On: 13th July 2020
Croma Ovens Provide the Cooking Features You Want
Croma ovens may be one of the most affordable appliances that are available for your kitchen today, but you will not want to let that fool you. These ovens provide an effective cooking experience that rivals like Onida oven and other competitive brands. Whether you're looking for a solo microwave, an oven that can grill, or you just need to heat your food items quickly, then this could be the brand for you! Discover why customers from all over the country are investing into Croma refrigerators and microwaves today and save!
Do You Need a New Microwave Today?
What you'll find with Croma ovens is one of the best combinations of form and function in the industry today. With a capacity of 20 liters in many models, you'll have just the right amount of space to be able to heat up your food or beverage items. Croma ovens come with an advanced LED display as well so that you'll always know the status of your best recipe. With 800 watts or more in many models, it's fast and easy to cook any meal!
If you're looking to save some money on your microwave oven purchase today, then Croma microwaves will give you the features you want at a surprisingly good price! With touchpad controls and 5 power levels, you can create custom dishes with ease. Express cooking options are also available and the auto-cook menus will let you start cooking with just the touch of a button. Grill features are also available so that you'll get an oven that is as dependable as a Croma air conditioner.
If you want one of the best microwaves that are available today, then you will want to see the CRAM0189. It offers 30 liters of space and a convection cooking style so that you can create something wonderful every day in your kitchen. It's backed by a full warranty and offers a stainless steel cavity for even cooking. A 10 auto cook menu is available, as is auto defrost and cook completion notifications, so you can finish all of your chores without having to watch the oven full time.
What Could You Create With a Croma Oven?
Your recipes will take on new depths of complexity when you use a Croma oven to create them. The power output is consistent and strong so that new flavors can develop, even during express cooking options. With any microwave from Croma, you'll get an amazing experience that is dependable and trustworthy.
Compare this brand to LG ovens and Samsung ovens, along with the other competitors in this field today and see for yourself just how strong a Croma oven can be. With the same quality in each microwave that you'll find in every Croma washing machine, you cannot overlook what this brand can provide. 
If you're ready to take your recipes to new heights without draining your accounts, then it is time to consider the value found in every Croma oven. Find the perfect model and save today!
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Croma CRM2025 Solo 20L Oven

Croma CRM2025 Solo 20L

Solo Microwave
20L Capacity
5 Power Levels
9 Auto Cook Menu
Rs. 4,690/-
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Croma CRAM0193 Convection 20L Oven

Croma CRAM0193 Convection 20L

Convection Microwave
20L Capacity
Rs. 7,990/-
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Croma CRAM0191 Convection 25L Oven

Croma CRAM0191 Convection 25L

Convection Microwave
25L Capacity
Rs. 8,490/-
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Croma CRAM0192 Convection 30L Oven

Croma CRAM0192 Convection 30L

Convection Microwave
30L Capacity
Rs. 11,990/-
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Croma Oven Price List in India 2020

Croma Oven Model Name Price
Croma CRM2025 Solo 20L Rs. 4,690/-
Croma CRAM0193 Convection 20L Rs. 7,990/-
Croma CRAM0191 Convection 25L Rs. 8,490/-
Croma CRAM0192 Convection 30L Rs. 11,990/-