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Apple Laptop Price List in India

as on 20th September 2018
Updated On: 20th September 2018
Apple Laptops
Apple has built a dynasty of products and programs, ranging from the line of Macintosh computers, iPhones, iPads and iPods that are so popular across the globe. Apple holds the majority of the smartphone and laptop marketplace, with a huge number of their computers and tablets being used around the world today. Apple has also made partnerships with many school districts around the world, so that their students have reliable computers to use, both in classrooms and in libraries. This initiative has made Apple one of the best-loved and widest-used technology companies in the world.
Why buy an Apple laptop?
Called MacBooks by those in the know, these Apple laptops are more expensive than PCs, but they also come with a range of great standard features that make them preferable to PCs. For starters, they have a much longer battery life.
They are also smaller and lighter than the computers produced by companies like Samsung and Toshiba. MacBooks also come with an impressive set of pre-loaded software, and regular updates that make it easy to stay on top of schoolwork or your creative pursuits. There are even some kinds of programs that will work only on Apple laptops.
Features of Apple Laptops
One of the best features of a MacBook is the usability. Macs have been consistently rated among the most user-friendly computers platforms in the world. You can only find Apple laptops running Apple’s exclusive iOS, which is regularly updated.
They are also far more impervious to viruses than other computers, making them a better choice for users who have sensitive data or simply want to protect themselves from data and identity thieves. Other features include a long battery life, which makes it possible to use the computer throughout the day, without having to continuously charge it.
How to Choose an Apple Laptop
When looking for an Apple laptop, it is important to make a list of the features you want and compare them to the features of available laptops. How much memory and how powerful a processor you need will dictate which models you will ultimately decide between.
There are essentially three kinds of Apple laptops—the standard MacBook, the MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro. All are excellent computers, but the MacBook Air is thinner and lighter, while the Pro has more features. A standard MacBook is going to be the least expensive, but lacks features.
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Apple MacBook Pro MLH42HN/A (Intel Ci7/ 16GB/ 512GB/ Mac OS Sierra) Laptop

Apple MacBook Pro MLH42HN/A (Intel Ci7/ 16GB/ 512GB/ Mac OS Sierra)

Intel Core i7 Processor
512 GB HDD
15 Inch Screen
1.83 kg Weight
Rs. 2,18,990/-
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Apple Laptop Price List in India 2018

Apple Laptop Model Name Price
Apple MacBook Pro MLH42HN/A (Intel Ci7/ 16GB/ 512GB/ Mac OS Sierra) Rs. 2,18,990/-