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Godrej Washing Machines Price List in India

as on 28th May 2024
Updated On: 28th May 2024
Godrej Washing Machines Provide Affordable Convenience
Do you want a top loading washing machine to make your laundry chores easier? Are you looking for a front loading washing machine that will give you a high powered, efficient experience? Godrej washing machines are designed with you in mind and will meet every need you have. With fully automatic options available and compact semi-automatic appliances providing affordable convenience, an investment into a Godrej washing machine just makes sense today.
Godrej Washing Machines Provide High Tech Engineering
The commitment you'll find in every washing machine is the same commitment you'll find in every Godrej Refrigerator and other home appliances. With a focus on high tech engineering to make every load easier and more efficient, it doesn't cost a lot to get the exact washing machine your household needs thanks to this appliance manufacturer! That's because the focus of Godrej is to create progress for every home with a focus on brighter living.
That's exactly what you'll find in a model like the Eon 550. This Godrej washing machine is the country's first upward facing washing drum and it helps those with joint problems be able to stay independent at home with its design. Providing a capacity of 5.5 kg, it is comparable to LG Washing Machines thanks to its resource efficiency. It's also comparable to Whirlpool Washing Machines because of its ability to wash effectively.
Even if you don't want a washing machine that has the golden angle included in its design, a Godrej appliance gives you the health enhancements you want from a washing machine, just like you'll find with a Godrej Refrigerator in its design as well. The unique contour designs of their gravity drums in top loading models provide a better washing action, even without agitation, which means more dirt is removed on a consistent basis so your clothing is always as clean as possible.
Innovation is What Powers the Godrej Brand
Why choose to purchase a Godrej washing machine today? One of the most exciting innovations in these appliances is the cascade waterfall effect that has been developed. Instead of having a small stream of water rinsing your dirty clothing, the fresh water literally gushes from the sides of the basin to bathe and agitate your clothing in a natural way. Combined with the digital controls and the detergent mixer and you'll find that every wash is more effective.
That's why this brand of appliances as an advantage over competitive products, such as you'll find with an IFB Washing Machine. With aqua jet pulsation creating 360 degrees of clockwise motion to create cleaner clothes in an energy efficient manner, Godrej has an appliance that will meet your needs today. Compare their top loading models with their front loading appliances, get the fully automatic features you want, and you'll be able to find the best washing machine at a price you need. 
Godrej washing machines allow you to save your settings, come with delay start features, and can automatically shut off when a cycle is completed. That means you can save money now and keep saving money when you purchase your Godrej appliance today!
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Godrej WS EDGE NX 950 CPBR Washing Machine

Godrej WS EDGE NX 950 CPBR

Semi Automatic
Top Loading
9.5 kg Capacity
Rs. 13,000/-
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Godrej WS EDGE PRO 850 ES Washing Machine

Godrej WS EDGE PRO 850 ES

Semi Automatic
Top Loading
8.5 kg Capacity
Rs. 11,490/-
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Godrej WS 800 PDS Washing Machine

Godrej WS 800 PDS

Semi Automatic
Top Loading
8 kg Capacity
2 Washing Program
Size - 860 x 900 x 485 mm
Rs. 11,999/-
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Godrej WT EON Allure 650 PANMP Washing Machine

Godrej WT EON Allure 650 PANMP

Fully Automatic
Top Loading
6.5 kg Capacity
15 Washing Program
Size - 545 x 955 x 585.5 mm
Rs. 18,990/-
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Godrej WF Eon 700 PAE Washing Machine

Godrej WF Eon 700 PAE

Fully Automatic
Front Loading
7 kg Capacity
Size - 597 x 845 x 527 mm
Rs. 22,990/-
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Godrej WT EON Allure 700 PAHMP Washing Machine

Godrej WT EON Allure 700 PAHMP

Fully Automatic
Top Loading
7 kg Capacity
Size - 545 x 980 x 585.5 mm
Rs. 23,999/-
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Godrej Washing Machine FAQs

Is Godrej GWF 650 FC washing machine run in normal voltage or does it require AH.
It requires normal voltage 240V 50hz but if there heavy power fluctuation in your area then better run it with a stabilizer.
What is motor warranty & total warranty for "Godrej GWF 650 FC"?
There are 5 years motor warranty and 1-year machine warranty in Godrej GWF 650 FC.
What is the Godrej GWF 650 FC machine Wasing method?
It's a fully automatic Washing machine.
Whats the warrenty of Godrej WT 600 C (Silky Grey)?
There is 2 years warranty.
What is the power consumption of Godrej WT 600 C? Will this run on normal 5A socket?
Yes, It will run on normal 5A socket also.
What are dimensions of Godrej WT 600 C ?
The dimensions of Godrej WT 600 C is :Dimensions WxDxH (mm) 560x555x904.
What is the dimensions of Godrej WT 620 CFS?
The dimensions are: W 56 cm x H 90.4 cm x D 55.5 cm
Is there is steel drum or plastic in Godrej WT 620 CFS? Does it have digital panel?
The drum is of steel. The panel is a normal one. Not digital
How many years of warranty of Godrej WT 620 CFS?
There is 1 year of Godrej WT 620 CFS.
In Godrej WT 620 CFS machine what is the meaning of 6.2 kg?
It is the weight handling capacity of clothes

Godrej Washing Machine Price List in India 2024

Godrej Washing Machine Model Name Price
Godrej WS EDGE NX 950 CPBR Rs. 13,000/-
Godrej WS EDGE PRO 850 ES Rs. 11,490/-
Godrej WS 800 PDS Rs. 11,999/-
Godrej WT EON Allure 650 PANMP Rs. 18,990/-
Godrej WF Eon 700 PAE Rs. 22,990/-
Godrej WT EON Allure 700 PAHMP Rs. 23,999/-