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Fujitsu Laptop Price List in India

as on 5th April 2020
Updated On: 5th April 2020
Benefits of having Fujitsu Laptop

Fujitsu is a leading Japanese communication and information technology firm which is known for offering comprehensive range of services, solutions, devices and more. Its laptops are quite popular among the consumers in different parts of the world. Now, it has made its entry in India with the sole objective of providing quality laptops at competitive prices to the average customers of the country. All its advanced and basic laptop models have been priced keeping into consideration the budget of the customers. Whether it is feasible to spend money on this brand or not, the review will offer an answer to this issue.

What features can you get from your new Fujitsu Laptops?

If you are in need of solid performing laptop, then the laptop portfolio of Fujitsu is providing a wide range of advanced and entry level individual solutions. All its laptops offer the option of extensive configuration for providing ultimate convenience and flexibility. Its energy saving technology curtails the impact of over usage of the laptops. Apart from that, every laptop model of Fujitsu delivers highest level of reliability along with the unique combination of Japanese quality and precision engineering. Its laptops comprise of metallic and classy black finish in the interior surface and the chrome accents on the outer surface. The screen size of the laptops come in different sizes and can give ample pleasure in experiencing watching videos in HD format.

 It provides absolute security to your private information and helps you retract lost data quite easily. Data storage is not a problem as it offers vast space for storing data conveniently. Not only that, the company has paid special attention in providing decent battery performance as well. Though it may vary on the basis of the configuration applications, product model and other factors, the approximate runtime is up to 8 hours. Along with that its web camera deserves special mention as it provides wide viewing angles of images during chatting and online conferences.

How to determine which Fujitsu laptop model is the best?

The task of selecting the appropriate Fujitsu laptop often becomes difficult when you are encountered with numerous models of this brand. In order to overcome this problem you need to first study the features and technical specifications of these laptops in detail. Then you have to see which model is offering the best possible deal because purchasing laptop without such deals is a sheer wastage of money. After this you have to focus on your requirements. If you are a game lover then you have to go for that model which supports easy downloading of high definition games of various capacities. If your preference is something else, then you must go for that particular model. Another easy method is to select two Fujitsu models from a given range of price. Then place their technical features and other specifications in a tabular manner. It is ideal of determining the best laptop of your preference. You can use these techniques also in case of buying the laptops for other brands as well.

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Fujitsu LifeBook A555 Laptop (5th Gen Ci3/ 8GB/ 1TB/ DOS) Laptop

Fujitsu LifeBook A555 Laptop (5th Gen Ci3/ 8GB/ 1TB/ DOS)

Core i3 (5th Gen) Processor
15.6 inch Screen
2.4 kg Weight
Rs. 28,990/-
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Fujitsu Laptop Price List in India 2020

Fujitsu Laptop Model Name Price
Fujitsu LifeBook A555 Laptop (5th Gen Ci3/ 8GB/ 1TB/ DOS) Rs. 28,990/-