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IFB AC Price List in India

as on 17th June 2021
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IFB Air Conditioner
Price Range
Upto Rs.20000
Rs.20001 - Rs.30000
Rs.30001 - Rs.45000
Rs.45001 - Rs.60000
Above Rs.60000
Split AC
Window AC
Portable AC
Cassette AC
Exclude Out of Stock
Upto 1 Ton
1 Ton - 2 Ton
Above 2 Ton
Anti-Bacteria Filter
Cooling & Heating
Dust Filter
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Updated On: 17th June 2021
IFB Air Conditioners
IFB is one of the most innovative companies in the current home appliance market. Unlike other companies that focus solely on mass production, IFB is committed to creating the most useful and durable appliance for both commercial and domestic applications.
The same technology that goes into making IFB ovens, refrigerators, IFB Washing Machines and air conditioners for restaurants and businesses is used to design and build the appliances sold to individual consumers. While they are not the oldest appliance manufacturer in the business, they have quickly made a name for themselves.
Why Buy an IFB Air Conditioner?
An air conditioner may seem like a daunting purchase at first, especially a split AC model, which requires half of the unit to be installed outside of your home or apartment. However, once you have experienced the refreshing cool of an IFB air conditioner, you will never want to be without it.
These units are designed to be supremely cooling, making even westward and southward facing rooms comfortable in the heat of the summer. IFB air conditioners were first designed to cool large buildings and businesses—that technology makes it easy and inexpensive to cool your home.
Features of IFB Air Conditioners
IFB air conditioner are designed to be power saving and most come with a warranty from the manufacturer. These features and the appliances’ high performance levels make it possible to find air conditioners that will cool your entire home, without significantly increasing your power bill.
Most models use an inverter compressor to cool the air and push it into your home, using vents that can be in a single room, or in many different rooms, depending on your set up. Most split AC and window AC units range from 1 ton – 2 ton, and can easily cool a large house.
How to Pick an IFB Air Conditioner
When picking an IFB air conditioner, it is important to look at how much space you have both inside and outside of your home or building. Most of these units must be half housed outside, so exterior space is just as important as interior space, perhaps more so, as the interior part of the unit is very discrete.
IFB air conditioners also come in a number of different designs and finishes, so that it is easy to find one that will blend into your home décor.
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IFB 2 Ton 3 Star IACI24X83T3C Inverter Split AC

IFB 2 Ton 3 Star IACI24X83T3C Inverter Split AC

Split AC
2 Ton Capacity
3 Star Rating
Rs. 44,980/-
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In IFB 1.5 Ton 3 Star IACS18KA3TP Split AC out door unit coil copper or aluminum ?
TC stands for copper and TP stands for aluminum.
Whats the length of copper pipe in IFB 1.5 Ton 3 Star IACS18KA3TC Split AC?
3.5m is the length of the copper wire.
How much area IFB 1.5 Ton 3 Star IACS18KA3TGC Split AC covers?
It will cover 150 to 200 sq ft.
Which gas is used in IFB 1.5 Ton 3 Star IACS18KA3TGC Split AC?
Liquid ammonia or freon.

IFB AC Price List in India 2021

IFB AC Model Name Price
IFB 2 Ton 3 Star IACI24X83T3C Inverter Split AC Rs. 44,980/-