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Hitachi Refrigerators Price List in India

as on 5th July 2022
Updated On: 5th July 2022
Hitachi Refrigerators Bring Modern Innovation to Your Home
Do you want a high quality multi door refrigerator that will last for decades? Are you looking for an appliance that has one of the largest internal cooling storage spaces in the industry today? What you might be looking to purchase today might just be a Hitachi refrigerator. With more than double the internal space that you'll find in Electrolux Refrigerators and modern innovation like you'll find in LG Refrigerators, you may just find that Hitachi makes the price quite nice for the kitchen appliance you need today.
What Are the Benefits of Owning a Hitachi Refrigerator?
You'll find the same commitment to quality with every refrigerator as you do with every Hitachi air conditioner. A focus on providing modern innovation has resulted in providing every household the opportunity to have the exact appliance that is needed. It starts by providing dual fan cooling technology that improves the air circulation throughout the refrigerator and freezer sections. If you have a multi door appliance, this air flow also goes through your extra produce or freezer drawer so that foods stay fresher for longer.
If the smaller single door and double door models that are produced by Hitachi, you'll also have eco-thermo sensor technology included with your refrigerator. This technology creates a more consistent temperature by registering warmth fluctuations. Combined with the dual air flow, foods have fewer chances of having microbe development that can lead to premature spoilage.
In the larger multi-door and side-by-side Hitachi refrigerators, you'll also benefit from inverter technology being included with the appliance. When the power goes out, how are you going to be able to preserve your food? If you own a generator with enough wattage, you'll be able to keep your Hitachi refrigerator running easily thanks to the design of this home appliance. It also improves the energy efficiency of your home so you won't have to spend a lot to get a lot!
Are You Ready To Invest Into the Hitachi Brand Today?
With streamlined solutions that make their home appliances a wise investment, you'll find that this brand provides a higher level of form and function than what you'll find in a Samsung or Whirlpool refrigerator. Although the cooling technology is comparable, where Hitachi stands out is with their nano titanium filters that keep the air free from bacteria and odors. Add in the triple cleaning systems included in their multi door appliances and you'll ensure a completely hygienic environment in your refrigerator.
Hitachi refrigerators are also free of the gases that have been show to harm the environment. Many of their models are 5 star rating energy efficient and at the top of their class when compared to other makes and models. With a focus on environmental sustainability and with cooling technology that keeps food fresher for longer, the investment into this brand of home appliances will continue to pay you back year after year. Find the best model that works for you today so that you can begin to enjoy life with a Hitachi refrigerator too!
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Hitachi R-VG610PND3 Refrigerator

Hitachi R-VG610PND3

4 Star Rating
586 Ltr Capacity
Frost Free
2 Door
Double Door
Size - 855 x 1760 x 740 mm
Rs. 70,255/-
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Hitachi Refrigerator FAQs

How may stars does Hitachi R-WB550PND2 fridge has?
Hitachi R-WB550PND2 fridge has 4 stars.
What Is the Size of Hitachi R-WB550PND2?
It's 510 liters.

Hitachi Refrigerator Price List in India 2022

Hitachi Refrigerator Model Name Price
Hitachi R-VG610PND3 Rs. 70,255/-