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Panasonic Washing Machines Price List in India

as on 18th July 2024
Updated On: 18th July 2024
Panasonic Washing Machines
Panasonic has been a very popular brand name for a long time and is very popular among almost all countries including India. They have a range of washing machines from semi automatic to fully automatic with a number of models for the betterment of its customers giving them a wider range to choose from. 
Panasonic washing machines promise high quality and reliability as Panasonic Televisions and the performance is indeed very good. They provide excellent cleaning with low noise and also low energy consumption. The reliability and quality of performance is what has kept Panasonic its brand name and let it sustain in the market for decades.
Panasonic washing machines possess a number of great features to make your washing experiences easier. Panasonic has different models of washing machines with features like semi–automatic or fully automatic, different capacities, washing programmes, loading features like front loading or top loading, plus the assistance of dryers. The washing machines hold weightages of 6.2kg, 6.5kg, 6.8kg, 7.0 kg and even 14kg for bulk washing. Usually a normal Panasonic washing machine provides its customers with an advanced technology of washing like foam wash, dancing water flow, Twin Lint filter, shower rinse, a number of programmed courses and a number of water level settings.
Washing machines of the Panasonic brand are differed in price based on the model, type of automation - semi or auto, and the different services offered with advancement of technology. Overall, it is priced in the middle range when compared with prices of Siemens Washing Machine.
Why buy a Panasonic Washing machine?
The Panasonic washing machines are smart, trendy, and deliver a user friendly washing experience. This machine doesn’t damage any type of material and is ideal for all sorts of clothes. You could choose the model which suits best for you from a range of washing machines produced to the market. 
If you have only a limited space for the machine, considering its dimensions and load-style are very important. Top-load washing machines are the most popular, though it is possible to find front-load models, if your space is limited in height.
Which model you ultimately choose will depend on a combination of these factors. Capacity and dimensions are usually most important, followed by color and design. With a wide range of designs to choose from, at prices for every budget, it will be easy to find the right machine at the right price.
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Panasonic NA-F80A5 Washing Machine

Panasonic NA-F80A5

Fully Automatic
Top Loading
8 kg Capacity
Rs. 25,490/-
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Panasonic NA-S085M2W01 Washing Machine

Panasonic NA-S085M2W01

Fully Automatic
Front Loading
8 kg Capacity
Size - 580 x 840 x 560 mm
Rs. 45,990/-
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Panasonic Washing Machine FAQs

Does Panasonic NA-W65B2RRB come with a rat protection? How to protect Panasonic NA-W65B2RRB from rats entering the machine?
It comes with a Bottom Cover, that prevents Rodents from Entering the Machine.
Does Panasonic NA-F62B5HRB have soap/Liquid dispenser?
It does have a liquid dispenser.
How many year motor warranty is given in Panasonic NA-F62B5HRB?
The Whole machine has a 2-year warranty.
What are the programs Panasonic NA-F62B5HRB has? Does it have a special program for Jean?
Hard wash.
Does Panasonic NA-F62B5HRB machine requires more water pressure or normal pressure?
It works even on under normal pressure.

Panasonic Washing Machine Price List in India 2024

Panasonic Washing Machine Model Name Price
Panasonic NA-F80A5 Rs. 25,490/-
Panasonic NA-S085M2W01 Rs. 45,990/-