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Onida Ovens Price List in India

as on 29th November 2021
Updated On: 29th November 2021
Onida Ovens
For more than three decades, Onida has been revolutionizing the world of home appliances. Unlike some companies that only focus on their bottom line, Onida understands the plight of the everyday consumer, and how difficult it is to put out money on an appliance. That is why they have made a commitment to product the most efficient and durable home appliances at reasonable prices.
Onida is a multi-national company which manufactures Onida Televisions, Onida Washing Machines, ACs, mobile phones etc., with customers all over the world who are loyal to the brand. Their mission is to create appliances that consumers are proud to own and that their neighbors will be jealous of.
Features of Onida Ovens
As one of the pioneers in home appliance manufacturing, Onida ovens have all of the best features. Their line of microwaves has the most essential settings, ranging from defrost to a specific setting for popping popcorn.
This enables the user to make quick work of any meal or snack. The cook menu makes it possible for the user to easily change the intensity of the cook cycle or the duration, while the auto menu makes cooking or heating anything a breeze.
Functions of Onida Ovens
Onida’s most popular form of oven is by far their microwave. In the past, most people thought of microwaves only as a way to reheat food or thaw frozen items. Now, they can be used to make just about any recipe, in a shorter amount of time than a traditional oven.
The microwave is an innovation in and of itself, and Onida has attempted to make it even more useful, by incorporating the best technology to make the microwave both safer to use and more efficient.
Why Buy Onida Oven?
Onida, besides being a leader in the appliance manufacturing industry, is also one of its lead innovators. Onida televisions are their most popular product, but the same development and attention goes into making a microwave oven, as it does into creating a home theater system.
They understand that an oven should make the user’s life easier. That is why they pack their ovens with features and programs that are easy to use and which cook food efficiently and effectively. Their models also come in a wide variety of colors and patterns, making it easy to find one that fits into your kitchen’s décor.
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Onida Black Beauty Power Convection 23L (MO23CJS11B) Oven

Onida Black Beauty Power Convection 23L (MO23CJS11B)

Convection Microwave
23L Capacity
10 Power Levels
54 Regional Auto Cook menus
Size - 486 x 292 x 405 mm
Rs. 10,179/-
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Onida Oven Price List in India 2021

Onida Oven Model Name Price
Onida Black Beauty Power Convection 23L (MO23CJS11B) Rs. 10,179/-