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Haier Refrigerators Price List in India

as on 21st April 2021
Updated On: 21st April 2021
Haier Refrigerators Review
Haier is one of those brands that is recognized globally and has been providing products to people with varying qualities so that people can live with convenience. Although Haier is well-known for its brilliant technology, it is also a great brand that puts in a lot of effort in designs while keeping in mind the requirements of the customers. The brand has claimed that it gets the motivation to innovate from life and this is the reason why Haier has been able to produce some of the best innovative products for the market to praise. Similarly, Haier refrigerators have not only made people’s lives easier but they will also continue to do so in future due to product reliability and durability given from Haier. 
Specializing in Refrigerators
When Haier entered the market for technology and appliances, it first set its foot on the ground by producing refrigerators. In 1984 Haier started making refrigerators and satisfied the customers with ease. Since then Haier refrigerators have earned a worldwide recognition in the market for refrigerators and with constant innovation in technology the brand has fought with several other competing brands without any problems. Haier refrigerators provide a lot of variety to customers and several different refrigerators come with different qualities such as frost free, direct cool and others. All Haier refrigerators are quite unique and the updated technology in them allows them to fight with germs and bacteria in order to keep the food healthy and clean.
Latest Innovative Technology
The main reason why many people choose Haier refrigerators over other brands is because of the VC technology that keeps the food fresh and healthy. Haier refrigerators have claimed to keep the nutrition of the food intact while being in the refrigerator. The intelligent technology used by Haier in refrigerators has allowed them to realize the temperature in the surrounding to adjust the temperature for the food accordingly. Apart from the adoption of latest technology, Haier refrigerators are also very user friendly due to which they are easy to operate on and are not too complicated to understand by a common man. 
Available in different price ranges
Although Haier refrigerators have the latest technology and come in the best designs, the prices of Haier refrigerators arestill quite reasonable considering the qualities. This means that Haier refrigerators are affordable by anyone and can be bought by anybody. Since Haier produces refrigerators for different customers in varied price ranges, there are many refrigerators that lie in the budget category while many refrigerators also lie in the premium category for rich people with more needs. The bottom line is that you can purchase Haier refrigerator easily because the company caters to a wide range of customers. 
Since there are many competing brands in the refrigerators market, it is difficult to determine which brand is overall the best. But when it comes to features of the refrigerators and there is a budget constraint, there is no doubt that Haier is the best choice. Even if you want a refrigerator with a twin door along with features of defrost, you can still get a great refrigerator from Haier that will satisfy the needs of your family.
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Haier HRD-1954PBS-R Refrigerator

Haier HRD-1954PBS-R

4 Star Rating
195 Ltr Capacity
Direct Cool
1 Door
Single Door
Rs. 15,399/-
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Haier Refrigerator FAQs

How many units consume per month in Haier HRD-1954BS-R?
It will consume 30 to 40 units.
Does Haier HRD-1954BS-R have toughened glass shelves?
Yes, it has toughened glass shelves.
What is the WxDxL of Haier HR-62VS?
Width 49.5 Height 50.5 Depth 46.5

Haier Refrigerator Price List in India 2021

Haier Refrigerator Model Name Price
Haier HRD-1954PBS-R Rs. 15,399/-