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Croma Refrigerators Price List in India

as on 21st February 2017
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Croma Refrigerator
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Price Range
Upto Rs.10000
Rs.10001 - Rs.20000
Rs.20001 - Rs.30000
Rs.30001 - Rs.50000
Rs.50001 - Rs.80000
Above Rs.80000
Single Door
Double Door
Multi Door
Side by Side Door
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Defrosting Type
Frost Free
Direct Cool
Upto 200 L
201 L - 300 L
301 L - 400 L
401 L - 500 L
Above 500 L
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Croma CRAR0209 Refrigerator

Croma CRAR0209

4 Star Rating
190 Ltr Capacity
Direct Cool
1 Door
Size - 531 x 658 x 1160 mm
Rs. 10,990/-
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Croma CRAR2386 Refrigerator

Croma CRAR2386

3 Star Rating
270 Ltr Capacity
Frost Free
2 Door
Double Door
Size - 548 x 1594 x 665 mm
Sold Out
Croma CRAR2383 Refrigerator

Croma CRAR2383

3 Star Rating
450 Ltr Capacity
Frost Free
2 Door
Double Door
Size - 700 x 1752 x 702 mm
Sold Out
Croma CRAR2346 Refrigerator

Croma CRAR2346

3 Star Rating
300 Ltr Capacity
Frost Free
2 Door
Double Door
Size - 550 x 1795 x 655 mm
Sold Out
Croma CRR0058 Refrigerator

Croma CRR0058

5 Star Rating
60 Ltr Capacity
1 Door
Single Door
Size - 480 x 512 x 480 mm
Sold Out
Croma CRAR0199 Refrigerator

Croma CRAR0199

5 Star Rating
170 Ltr Capacity
Direct Cool
1 Door
Single Door
Size - 531 x 1037 x 620 mm
Sold Out
Croma CRAR0180 Refrigerator

Croma CRAR0180

5 Star Rating
190 Ltr Capacity
1 Door
Single Door
Size - 531 x 1362 x 645 mm
Sold Out
Croma CRAR0181 Refrigerator

Croma CRAR0181

5 Star Rating
225 Ltr Capacity
1 Door
Single Door
Sold Out
Croma CRAR2345 Refrigerator

Croma CRAR2345

3 Star Rating
248 Ltr Capacity
Frost Free
2 Door
Double Door
Size - 547 x 1467 x 675 mm
Sold Out
Croma CRAR2387 Refrigerator

Croma CRAR2387

3 Star Rating
335 Ltr Capacity
Frost Free
2 Door
Double Door
Size - 598 x 1710 x 665 mm
Sold Out
Croma Refrigerators Provide Simple, Affordable Luxury
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What do you look for in a new refrigerator? Do you want an appliance that will have cooling options that will keep your produce fresh? Are you looking for strong shelves that will support all of your food and beverages with ease? Croma refrigerators provide the single door and double door designs that you want with today's modern appliance! Powered by Infinity Retail Limited, which is a subsidiary of Tata Sons, Croma home appliances and electronics provide affordable options for every household. What could a Croma refrigerator bring to your home today?
Why Choose the Croma Brand For Your Next Refrigerator?
The Croma brand is one of the top selling brands for home appliances right now because it takes great pride in the quality of each design. You'll see that quality in every refrigerator that has the Croma name right now! With toughened glass incorporated into a design that allows for adjustable shelving within the interior of the appliance, your food or beverages will receive a quick chill thanks to the multi-air flow cooling that is incorporated into the engineering of each Croma refrigerator.
Compare the Croma brand to LG refrigerators and you'll quickly see how much you can save! Croma destroys the competition thanks to its energy efficiency ratings and odor free experiences that it provides every home. The Croma CRAR2387 compares to Whirlpool refrigerators and other brand competitors easily thanks to its ability to provide a fresher, healthier experience for your kitchen. 
The design improvements also include a frost-free design so that your food and beverages stay cold with less of a risk of freezer burn or developing ice near the back of the refrigerator. The double door Croma models also feature separate compartments for your produce so that you get up to 70% more life from them. Combined with a clean design, it's easy to see why the Croma brand is a top choice for a high quality cooling experience!
A Croma Refrigerator Brings You Modern Innovation
What happens to your refrigerator when your home experiences a power outage? If you own a Croma refrigerator, then nothing will happen because a Cool Pack is included within its design. This prevents spoilage from occurring, even on an extended power outage, and will even keep foods frozen for up to 8 hours with the electricity off. 
Croma refrigerators also incorporate a Green life deodorizer into the design of the home appliance. Spills inside a refrigerator can create unpleasant odors. Those spills can also cause foods to spoil prematurely because it creates higher levels of ethylene gas inside the refrigerator. Just like you'll find in top competitive appliances, like Videocon or Godrej refrigerators, the Croma brand will combat this odor-causing gas so that your food stays fresher for longer.
If you're ready to upgrade your home appliance, then you're ready for a Croma refrigerator. Providing a high quality product for an incredibly affordable price, you'll get the single door or double door design that will give your home the cooling storage that your food and beverages need today!

Croma Refrigerator Price List in India 2017

Croma Refrigerator Model Name Price
Croma CRAR0209 Rs. 10,990/-
Croma CRAR2386 Rs. 17,994/-
Croma CRAR2383 Rs. 39,990/-
Croma CRAR2346 Rs. 0/-
Croma CRR0058 Rs. 0/-
Croma CRAR0199 Rs. 9,994/-
Croma CRAR0180 Rs. 12,290/-
Croma CRAR0181 Rs. 14,994/-
Croma CRAR2345 Rs. 15,994/-
Croma CRAR2387 Rs. 28,994/-