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Haier Ovens Price List in India

as on 20th July 2024
Updated On: 20th July 2024
Haier Microwave Ovens makes cooking a fun experience

Microwave ovens come in different sizes and capacities. Haier has been a company that has been known to offer premium products which are high in terms of quality. These user friendly products are prepared for cooking convenience and it also allow users to save money on unnecessary gas expenses. Be it cooking power, settings, features and specification, Haier is a brand which offers options across categories. Experimenting with certain recipes could be relatively easy with such powerful and pocket friendly ovens. 

Microwave ovens from this brand are equipped with a number of specifications. It includes double exhaust fans, proper ventilation and a number of filters. Cooking capacity varies in different models based on their specific size, power levels and heating capacities. Also, there are several models with varying weights and dimensions based on their capabilities. Twenty three and twenty five liters are some of the standard sizes available at several offline and online outlets. Some of them come equipped with as much as 40 auto cooking menus. Similarly, these ovens also allow specs like auto reheat, timer, ducted capable, non-ducted capable, etc.

Ovens to enhance the functioning of kitchen

Nowadays with the advancement in technology, customers have plenty of options to make. Investing in the micro ovens by Haier promises high degree of satisfaction to customers. Double speed exhaust fan, triple one touch menu buttons, and several power up levels make them a widely accepted choice with families. Be it small or big family, the utility of microwave ovens cannot be ignored. For the first time buyers, going for any of the Haier ovens could be a good choice.

Some of the distinct features include the stainless steel body that gives a shining appearance to the ovens. These are designed to work in different conditions be it summer, rainy or winter with minimal or no glitch as per certain records and estimates. It is never a fussy machine in terms of defrosting in more ways than one. Similarly, it will ensure that keys remain locked from unnecessary and accidental starts in several cases.

Benefit more by regular use and moderate servicing

Just like other electronic products, Microwave ovens are prepared to face different challenges. Haier is a brand known for producing durable, efficient and long lasting consumer electronics items. Apart from varying dimensions and weight, these ovens are available in price ranges to the needs of all kinds of buyers. However, one should never settle on figuring out a single model before doing a research and matching the product with the needs they have. 

There is also a need for going through the listings containing detailed information on features, rates and availability. It may help in more ways than one for those willing to get a microwave oven to enhance the functionalities of their kitchen. Haier branded products are widely preferred all over the world for their utility and user-friendliness. The company has a decent portfolio of offerings while it intends to launch a series of new models in the coming year.

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Haier HIL2810EGCF Convection 28L Oven

Haier HIL2810EGCF Convection 28L

Convection Microwave
28L Capacity
Rs. 13,900/-
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Haier Oven Price List in India 2024

Haier Oven Model Name Price
Haier HIL2810EGCF Convection 28L Rs. 13,900/-