Xiaomi Redmi 3S Prime First Sale on Tuesday

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The most loved Smartphone:

A brand new series of Xiaomi Redmi 3S Prime is going to open its first online sale on Tuesday. Most apparently Xiaomi Redmi 3S Prime has been marked as the apple eye of the market. The most affordable phone in the market is going to create a storm again in the market of Smartphone. After beating to its competitors again, Xiaomi has hold its market position tightly and its going to be a rocking sale again.

Highlight of its tale

• Redmi 3S Prime has the strong and attractive metal body. It has a long life battery of 4100mAh to maintain the rapid draining of battery, which can manage up to 12 hours of call stand by.

• The price is affordable with the amount of 10,000.

• Heating problem is not yet the issues which are still talked any more about this Smartphone.

• Xiaomi has claimed that the 5V/2A charger will boost a quick charging with minimal downtime.

Specifications turned out to be necessity:

A camera is the major specification of any camera and thus Redmi has always maintained it reputation in providing a better camera. Some of the pictures can be seen flaunting the beautiful nature, the picture turned out be a real and live. Apps are efficient and more responsive when loaded in it. It has managed to provide a sharp images and it is marked to be zero issues regarding the focus. The front camera offers 5-megapixel and rear camera offers 13-megapixel of lens. The rear camera can record video at 1080 quality.

Updated performance:

It has maintained its performance in some recent years. It has claimed that the most desirable games can be a part of this phone to play at. This time, it has also added a finger print scanner which is expecting to be wonderful. The quality of the sound through speaker is assuming to be good, it has a maximum volume with no stereo effect but still it’s not disappointing through the ears. Mi drop is also been a part of appreciating specification. MI drop can Wi-Fi direct peer- to-peer transfer. It can manage to send even bigger files which are still lacked by most of the Smartphone. It has been empowered by 3 GB of ram which is really a most needed specification in Smartphone.

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