Update for Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Gives Longer Battery Life with More Improvements

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Microsoft had launched its high quality device Microsoft Surface Pro 3 earlier. After a time span of around 3 months, The firm has now updated this device to provide a better experience for the users. The new update has changed several aspects of the device which includes Keyboard, Battery Life, Finger Print Sensor, Pen Setting Driver etc.

Highlights of the Update :

• The update of firmware updated keyboard’s stability too.
• Along with firmware and keyboard stability, Stability of Finger Print Touch while getting out of sleep mode in enhanced too.
• Update also increased Surface Pen’s Setting Driver Stability.

Microsoft has provided this update for the users over-the-air as well as users can easily check for the update manually too. For finding the update, user just have to go step by step from Windows Logo to Settings to Update & Security to Windows Update.

What The Update has and What it has Done?

• System Aggregator Firmware v3.9.850.0 has enhanced the Battery Life as well as it has improved the Keyboard Stability.
• UEFI v3.11.1450.0 improves Device’s Sleep/Hibernation behave when ever the device has low battery.
• Fingerprint Sensor v2.2.10.8 enhanced Stability of Finger Print Touch while the device comes out of sleep mode.
• Surface Pen Settings v11.0.311.0 increases the Stability of Pen Setting Driver.

Earlier this year, Microsoft had launched Surface Pro 3 (at Rs 73990) along with Surface Pro 4 (at Rs 89990) in India. Pro 3 has 12 Inch Display Screen with 2160 x 1440 Pixels Resolution. The device is available in Core i3, Core i5 and Core i7 Processor variants. It features 64 GB Internal Storage (expandable). The compact Laptop cum Microsoft Tablet has only 800 Grams Weight thus it is highly portable. In March 2016, Microsoft made this Gadget available at Rs 58990 (Flat Rs 15000 Discount for Limited Time) via Amazon India.

All the things in combination shows that this device is fully featured and now this new update has improved all aspects of the device which means now users can experience a new improved Microsoft Surface Pro 3. Just like the price cut in Pro 3, Microsoft has also announced that Pro 4’s Core M variant will be available at Rs 58890 in Limited Time Exchange Offer via Amazon India.

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