Android Security Update Caused Nexus 5 a Volume Bug it Will be Fixed Soon

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Google launched Nexus 5 in its range of high quality products and the device was running successfully worldwide but now Android Open Source Project (AOSP) Issue Tracker of Google has reported that Nexus 5 has bug which was incorporated after the Android Security Update of July this year. The bug is related with volume of the device.


• July’s Update brought a bug in LG Google Nexus 5.
• Google has seen this issue and working on it.
• Google will fix this issue for Nexus 5 users soon.
• At time of a call the volume not changes when it is changed by using hardware keys.

Just after the Android Security Update, Nexus 5 users are facing some problems in their device which confirms that the update brought a bug alongside. The complaints from users says that LG Google Nexus 5’s volume adjuster button not responds when the user is on a call which means if Nexus 5 user is in a call then the Volume Adjuster Buttons are useless.


Many complaints are registered on Google’s Android Open Source Project (AOSP) Issue Tracker as well as problems like these are also placed at XDA Developers Forum Threads and Reddit. A user of Nexus 5 has wrote that when he makes a call and adjusts the volume slider then the slider adjusts without having any effect on the volume level but volume of voice mails can be controlled by the volume slider.

Users also wrote that volume cannot be set to zero level by using the volume slider in any app of the device. Users noted that even if they choose the same setting on all volumes such as Notifications, Ringtones, Alerts etc then the volume level changes automatically as per the Notification or Ringtone or Other Alerts.

Community Manager from Nexus has announced on Nexus Help Forum, The firm has noted this issue and it will be fixed very soon. He also said that we appreciate the awareness of users as it will help the firm to fix the bug and improve quality of product to the best possible level.

Although Google has noted this issue and said it will be fixed soon yet it may get fixed after some time, till then the users can go back to the previous Android 6.0.1 and wait for the next patch to run their device smoothly with facing this volume bug.

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