After Samsung Galaxy Note 7 another blasts occur in iPhone7 Plus

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How dangerously harmful and day breaker can a Lithium-ion battery can be; world got to see in the past few days with the notorious incidents of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Smartphones. The li-ion battery technologies which is in every technological thing we have around us like in our children’s electronic toys to our disapproving father’s all serious looking not smart phones. Theses batteries can be really dangerous and hurting if they malfunction. Fires and explosions had always been a threat we never actually gave much attention too. There were many sole incidents of these batteries exploding but this thing became a big thing with the explosion of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 explosions!

And now iPhone 7 Plus seems to be joining the same league. A user of said that his iPhone 7 Plus has exploded (past tense means that the action is done already). Well not his or he would not have been using but his co-worker’s iPhone! The Smartphone exploded while in transit, unopened condition, still was unused.

If that was the case then that is even more dangerous than the Samsung Galaxy Note 7’s condition where they exploded only when in charging. These guys are exploding anytime, anyhow, even while in mint and packaged condition.

It has been assumed that the explosions from iPhone 7 Plus must have been caused by some transportation mishap that affected the battery. What sort of mishap, the potholes of the road? The carrying part? The speed of the vehicle part? What kind of mishap exactly? That is same like carrying that iPhone 7 Smartphone while on a speedy personal vehicle inside your pockets while on potholes, filled with some parts of road here and there.

If that thing could explode in that carriage, it could explode in this one too!

Anyway, the same user also found time to add that Apple found that one guy to tell him that he will be receiving another iPhone 7 Plus, yay, happy ending!

Nice try, Apple, let’s just hope the fire doesn’t catch too high for you to do the same what Samsung is doing and going through right now and pun was intentional!

Samsung has begun to recall all his new Smartphones units when this problem was found and the company has begun its replacement and refunding programs as well.

The final countdown –

• Smartphones are exploding! Smartphones are exploding!
• A first iPhone 7 Plus explosion report has been documented
• The affected user will get a new iPhone 7 Plus though

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