The next iPhone packs another big Kick, Optical Image Stabilizer!

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iPhone the most talked about thing in the world besides neighbor’s children’s merit comparison is and has to be iPhone, since it arise many moons ago to this very day it has not stopped being away from the lime light.

And lately when the market is all hots for the next iteration of the new iPhone, rumors and speculations are what keeping the fans from committing vicious atrocities in the name of the Lord Apple!

Final Countdown:-

• OIS was exclusive to the large Plus models of Apple Smartphones.

• Apple is expected to host the event on 7th of September.

• The iPhone is supposed to have a dual camera setup this time around!

And now when the launch date is nearing day by day, new rumors are kicking in, and this time they seem to be fairly new ones, apparently the feature of optical image stabilization which was exclusively available in the Apple’s Plus iPhone models, that is now coming to the next 4.7 inch iPhone models as well!

According to an image has been released that shows an alleged camera modulation of the upcoming iPhone, according to that image four areas near the lens where OIS might be embedded, these are supposed to don the hardware that allows the camera modulation to travel in order to maintain and stabilize the pictures and photos!

As it is now very firmly believed that Apple is going to bring in dual camera setup with the next iPhone 7 and thus it only seems fair that it gives its 4.7 inch model some new and better iterations of its own as well and OIS is looking lie a solid bet for that!

There are leaks that hint that the lens of the camera is going to be bigger hinting of many unknown upgrades for the 4.7 inch variant!

So far, we are expecting to get a launch event held around 7th of September from Apple to unveil the flagship of 2016 and when it comes to naming the device, the speculations say that it will be called either iPhone 7 or iPhone 6SE.

The release date for the next iPhone is anticipated on September 16th, although the biggest change the next iPhones are supposed to have so far is that they will not have any 3.5 mm audio jack system and instead may support a dual stereo speaker system.

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