Micromax announces launch of 4 Google Duo Preloaded 4G Supported smartphones

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There are many smartphone manufacturers in India and with all of them launching great phones one after another, Micromax is leaving no stone unturned to bring great festive surprises. Micromax is one of the largest Indian electronics brands and the smartphones have done very well in Indian market due to their affordable price and great features. Micromax has announced the launch of its 4G enabled smartphones all under $100(Rs 5,700) with Preloaded Google Duo ahead of the festive season. Micromax has partnered with Google and all the four phones will be launched with pre integrated Google Voice calling application.

Colloboration of Google Duo and 4G connectivity:

The Micromax phones are expected to be launched and all with video calling app by Google which is going to be an exclusive part by the makers. Along with making the announcement Micromax co-founder Vikas Jain said “Video calling is perceived to be a very urban phenomenon and niche but at Micromax, we believe that there is a huge potential to massify the service by taking it beyond the tier 1 markets where Micromax has an unmatched edge.”

With the launch of the new four phones and inclusion of the video features, it is going to help many customers take the Duo advantage and definitely is expected to raise the sale of Micromax phones. Google Duo was launched for Android and iOS and is known to give tough competition to FaceTime and Skype. Google Group Product Manager Amit Fulay said “In the first month alone we have seen over 10 million downloads, with US and India being among the top countries.”

4G Connectivity to boost sale:

With the introduction of 4G connectivity in Indian Markets everyone expects to buy a 4G phone at a cheap price. The 4G handsets have gained a momentum with rising expectation of people to use blazing fast internet speed at fingertips. With the launch of these 4 smart phones from Micromax with 4G connectivity revenue will definitely rise as these handsets are cost effective. According to analyst with the introduction of Reliance Jio people are expecting to buy more of 4G phones for using cheap internet data.


With the introduction of Duo on the 4 to be launched new Micromax phones it will allow the users to connect using their phone number itself without requirement of separate username and account. Google with this also introduced Knock Knock feature that enables the caller to see live video before answering the phone. With the use of Duo from Google, the Micromax will be high end products at affordable products.

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