Improved RAM Management, sRGB Mode are in the OnePlus 3 OxygenOS 3.2 Update

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OnePlus is a tech giant which always looks for innovations to provide better and better products every time. In its innovations OnePlus has now added one more thing; OnePlus now begins rolling out Oxygen OS 3.2.0 for OP3 with sRGB Display Mode. This innovation will allows OnePlus to offer more high quality experience for the users.

When OnePlus launched its new Smart Phone “OnePlus 3” then the Company claimed that it’s the best Smart Phone ever but now there are some issues in this Smart Phone thus OnePlus is changing Oxygen OS 3.2.0 to OP3 (Updated Version). The update is now available for all and if you own an OnePlus Smart Phone then you should update it. OnePlus seems in hurry thus it launched this update yet its display is poorly calibrated. RAM management is not as good as it should have to be as the update keeps apps for a longer time in RAM which will consume a higher amount of battery life.

Pros which will take place after this roll out:

This Update will enable sRGB mode in developer options. User will experience an improved RAM management. This updating will improve GPS performance of the OnePlus devices. It will also improve the audio & video quality. This update comes along with updated icons. All the issues related with notifications are fixed. This improvement will also improve camera quality of OnePlus Devices. Gallery issues are also fixed. Latest Google security patches are implemented with this update. Apps bugs are also fixed by OnePlus.

After adding the sRGB toggle, OnePlus devices should get more in-line colors. The OTA is of 396 MB & OnePlus claims it should be in all devices within 48 hrs from the launch. The update creates a big VoLTE icon at the status bar which shows notification whenever you are on a compatible network. Unnecessarily this VoLTE icon takes space as much as clock which may not be good for many users but those who want to know about device’s VoLTE capability, it is a good feature. If user thinks this VoLTE notification is an unnecessary icon then he/she should disable VoLTE by removing VoLTE. Apart from all these there are many more things which will be improved after this updating.

Now it’s time to use this update from OnePlus and provide feedback so that the firm can further improve if there are some more issues with the Smart Phones.

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