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Electrolux Washing Machines Price List in India

as on 23rd January 2022
Updated On: 23rd January 2022
Electrolux Washing Machines Provide Energy Efficient Washing
Are you looking for a fully automatic top loading washing machine that will help your clothing stay looking new for as long as possible? Do you want a semi-automatic washing machine that offers you a flexible experience to meet your ever-changing needs? An Electrolux washing machine knows something that their competition does not – that you don't need the same washing experience with every load you have. That's the advantage Electrolux has over LG or Samsung Washing Machines. Are you ready to experience what this manufacturer has to offer today?
Why Choose an Electrolux Washing Machine Today?
The same commitment to quality that you'll find in Electrolux Refrigerators is what you'll find in these washing machines. It begins with a fiber body that is incorporated into all of their home appliances, including the semi-automatic uni-design models that are available today. This construction provides a rust-free experience for your home so you won't have to worry about dropping a little bit of water alongside the washing machine while you're transferring clothing.
The fully automatic front loading washing machines that Electrolux offers also provides a higher level of flexibility with every load that your household may need. This is due to the included Time Manager function that allows wash cycles to be controlled based on the load being washed. This allows every load to be washing in a perfect way while saving energy at the same time, something you won't find in LG Washing Machines
Even the top loading washing machines from Electrolux have innovative technologies incorporated at affordable prices today. With Prism technology, clothing gets a superior level of clean with less fabric damage than competitive models thanks to the drum design. Dirt is gently removed like a prism separates white light into its different colors. This means no more tangles in your clothing when you unload your brand new Electrolux washing machine!
Electrolux Washing Machines Make Dirt Removal Easy!
The Electrolux washing machine that you prefer also comes with a number of distinct advantages. Your journey begins with the included fuzzy logic technology that allows you to get the right wash for the fabric that you have. With preset programs that offer fabric sensitive results, your delicate fabrics will be treated with care and specific fabrics will get the best washing cycle to extract the most dirt possible. 
Electrolux washing machines will also allow you to postpone the start of your washing cycle for up to 48 hours before beginning. This allows you to load your clothing into the machine over time so you won't have dirty clothing lying about or give you the chance to soak your clothing to get those stubborn stains out once and for all!
Are you ready to experience all of the benefits that come with owning a fully automatic top loading or front loading washing machine from Electrolux? Do you want the cost savings that come with a semi-automatic compact appliance? Then make today be the day that you compare models and prices so that you get the best washing machine possible for your home at a cost that you're going to like!
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Electrolux ET70ENPRM Washing Machine

Electrolux ET70ENPRM

Fully Automatic
Top Loading
7 Kg Capacity
Size - 945x590x540 cm
Rs. 19,390/-
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Electrolux Washing Machine Price List in India 2022

Electrolux Washing Machine Model Name Price
Electrolux ET70ENPRM Rs. 19,390/-